Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Alright, so I've done a brief post about my days with Jones, but I just found a beautiful poem he wrote me that I'd like to share. But first I will share a few pages from my book of Jones. This first page is from a photo scavenger hunt we went on...some of you may be in it ('re ina couple) but we just got bored one day and decided to go take pictures with random friends, and some NOT friends. WE spent pretty much everyday together my second year at EA either doing something SUPER nice for someone that wasn't really popular, or being REALLY mean to those that were. haha! yea, sorry about that rusty and brian and falkner. We went on a lot of little road trips, and we pulled a lot of pranks. Good times, good times....and in the picture below, I don't know where he's trying to put my hand, but trust me, nothing romantical EVERY, I repeat, EVER happened between us. BLAH! He holds himself responsible for me meeting Jase...which is kinda true...he introduced me to TED and Jase one night at the raquetball courts because Jones knew Ted, and I wanted Ted...and all I said to Jase was some smart allick comment about how grown ups dont' wear cat in the hat shirts (thank goodness that shirt is GONE!)
Alright, and now I'd like to share the poem Jones wrote for me...please don't let your children read it:
TITLE: Happy Birthday I LOVE YOU!
Ode to Krystlle (how I spelled my name back then)
Oh how I love my princess itch (his nickname for me since we weren't cussers)
Even though at times she can be a _________
So here's some memories of the times we shared
How I wonder if you really cared.
There was mission "Pizza pizza" with the Godfrey's
ANd the hole I made in the wall with your keys
We had so much fun on the Price is Right
And dressing really crazy on every flight
She comforted me in Mexico when I was sick
She was nice to me even when I was a _____
She tried to teach me to play the guitar
And had fun in the carwash w/ Near far wherever you are
There were guys like Ted, Clint and Jason
Now there's Mitch, Travis John and Nathan.
All the times we went hot tubbin
And who can forget the way smooth rubbin (LIE)
We always went places dressed in goth
And jammed out listening to David Lee Roth
Now you can see why I miss her so
Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY you Cheeto!
Ok, now let me explain. Mission Pizza PIzza was a mission we had to hook me up with a Godfrey brother....acommplished.
The hole in the wall with my keys was because we were having fun sliding my keys across the floor of the student life center, and one day he threw them too high and they stuck up in the wall and left a hole.
And everytime we'd fly to see each other after EA (he lived in NM) We'd try to dress the craziest.
And I didn't comfort him in Mexico, he got food posioning really bad, and we all thought it was hilarious how wimpy he was being about it.
And the car wash, we just listened to the Titanic song to make it a beautiful experience.
And yes, we dressed goth a lot to go to dinner and movies and wherever. One night we dressed really bad goth with a few people and walked around the house of some college girls until they were SUPER freaked out! We's just pop up at their windows all around their house. They finally called some RM's to come over and comfort them. blah!
We never listened to David Lee Roth
And a cheeto...well, it's not a good thing.
HURRY UP AND GET A WIFE JONES! So we can hang out again w/o people talkin!

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alison said...

Oh he is a funny guy, I remember your Jeremy's on a stick!