Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break '09

We had some big fun plans for spring break, but then I didn't feel good, so we just went to the valley, and it was A LOT of fun!
The first night (wed) we got there, dropped the kids off at the Johns and went out to dinner with them at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum!)
The next day we got up, and went to the doctor...FINALLY. and it took forever to get things going there. Then finally the kids were ready to hear the heartbeat, so she got out her dopplar, and went all over my lower gut and kept finding my heartbeat and saying, "oooh, there's mommy's heartbeat again, let's find the little one" this went on for a good 5 or 6 FULL minutes before finally, the scary low fast monster heartbeat. Whatta relief. I've been soo nervous the past month or so about a heartbeat, and then for her to take so long scared the crap outta me...and Jase he later admitted. ANyway, we talked with doc Lindstrom (my favorite baby doctor in the world...delivered my first 2 and many many of my neices and nephews) and Jase asked him if we could only have a few visits...less than half what we're supposed to. He threw in the ole, "I'm a doctor, specialized in pediatrics and pregnancy" so, it worked! yay, only 4 visits. I go in at about 25 weeks for the only ultrasound and another check, then not again for a couple of months...yay!
Then we went and got our car cleaned, then to get me some sweet underwear at distribution, then JoAnn's, and checked out a bunch of bunkbeds (again, not buying) and we had a fun security inccident. The kids were being naughty, so Jase left them in the car and he just stood right inside the store, so he could watch them while I shopped, and some old lady heard Kam screaming from the fighting so Jase ran out and told her, "they're mine," and explained that they are learning a lesson. She said ok, then got in her car and dove forward a couple of parking spaces and got on her phone. Security came and Jase talked to them, and that was it. But seriously? Jase was right there watching them! Then we met Kayla at lunch at Rumbi's which turned into Randa, then we shopped some more and then met up with our friends the Bloomfields at Peter Piper Pizza so the kids could burn off some energy with their friends and so I could finally see Jana's sweet little miracle baby! Who is ADORABLE and HEALTHY by the way for all of you who were asking. He's perfect!
Then we picked up some amazing coldstone (gotta try the marshmellow ice cream) and headed back to the Johns for an Office Party....which turned into a Will and Grace party....which turned into a sleeping party. haha!
The next day we went and got our oil changed and walked old main street for about an hour, stopping at Sweet Cakes for some Gooey Sweet Cake and peeking in all the antique store windows. The kids had a blast playing with all of the permanent statues and in the water at the art museum.
Ah, then I got to have GREAT girls lunch at the Olive Garden with Vonda, Paula, Dani and Jana. Then Vonda and I hit Ross and Walmart (free dog food) and back to her house to get my kids that were so excited about swimming, but only lasted about 10 minutes in the freezing water.
Then over to Jana's to see some killer frames that she bettered start selling because they're amazing! And on over to Mesa Fro Yo for some Butterbrickle (friday's RULE at FroYo).
Then to Paula's to pick up our awesome new daybed for the boys, and out to Chandler to NOT eat at Kona Grill (sad) but Chili's with many many children. Where I almost had a digestion attack....seriously I wanted to die. Then out for more coldstone (and yes, we did remember the bahama bucks AND Mesa FroYo we had earlier that day...remember people we come down once a month, we've gotsta shove it all in...and suffer the consequences...ugh!) We met Dani, Brennon and Kayla there (no marshmellow ice cream...blah!)
Then back to the Johns for some sleep because we had to get up early and get out early so we coudl build our chicken coop on Saturday when we got home.
We had to burn a couple of hours yard selling before we could pick up our water barrells, and we happened to stumble upon...MY OWN LITTLE HEAVEN! Honestly. A huge awesome Antique Mall in Chandler was having a big sale. It was amazing. I spent oh, about 2 hours in there, and didn't feel satisfied...I needed about 3 more! But I felt bad making the boys wait in the car. I ran into my aunt, so I thought, oh, whatta fun little thing for locals, um, but in the line, people were from all over the country! It was a big deal! I'll share my goodies as soon as I get them put up around the house. But for now...our new baby chicks.....
yea it was bright out, sorry Kam. They were selling them for $1 a peice, but I needed all of them AND the crate. Aren't they adorable? We bought some bunnies too from the same vendor. So cute!
Then we decided we needed some patio furniture, so we went to Fry's (20% off home goods right now people, PLUS the patio furniture is on sale!) So we bought some patio furniture, and then the swing, and then we went back to get a price correction (they cheated us about $40) and we decided we needed the umbrella to go over it all, or a canopy, but after looking for a good 15 minmutes, we decided to wait on it because theirs were lame (right Amy)? Yea, I looked like crap all day because I thought we were just driving home...we ran into the Johns at Fry's, then my sister Vonda at Fry's...ain't that great?
Anyway, it was a great 4 days! Now we've gotta get the patio f urniture set up for our first BBQ this next weekend with the Johns! yay!!!
Oh yea, and we are probably lice infested now...FYI! haha!


Holly said...

Fun, fun!!! Spill the beans to me on the Antique Mall thing. I MUST go check it out!

Laura said...

Hey...that sounds like a great get away. When you say the valley, do you mean Paradise Valley? We are vacationing in Paradise Valley in May. If you know anything about this area please let me know what to see and do while we are there. We stay there for 3 days and then off to the Grand Canyon for 2 days and then we have to fly home. By the are a beautiful pregnant woman!!!