Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last Wed. some guy called from some resort timeshare in Sedona and asked us to come do the dumb tour for a free night stay, we said no, he said he'd buy us dinner and breakfast, we said ok.
So, they said it was 5 star, it looked like a stuccoed trailor park. It wasn't nice at all, but the kids had fun. They had miniature golf and a kid's club (that watched the kid's while we did the dumb tour thing) and a fun playground. Boston liked to take his ball right to the hole and hit it in then jump up and down screaming YES YES YES when he got it in.
Then Saturday we went to Flagstaff to get some shopping done and meet up with our friends the Sandersons for pictures and dinner. I had to share this picture that my little tard got in the way of. Gotta love him!

On our way to Flag we stopped and hiked around Sedona a bit. The kids made a dam to block the little stream that was going into the big one. It was pretty sweet.

Boss found a cool stick and kept acting like it was a snake and it was biting us.

Jaden's just cute!

They're all cute
Not my favorite trip, but a fun little getaway.


Elissa said...

your kids are all so BIG! we need to be a better aunt and uncle and visit those guys, and girl. do you know if they are going to open up slide rock there in sedona. i used to love that place as a kid, but i heard it closed because of contamination. my dad probably made that up so we didn't have to go. anyway... cute pics

Kristal said...

Last time we went was 7 years ago, so I don't know. I think we saw people sliding on it 2 years ago when we went though. We'll have to find out...Jaden wants to go really bad.

Our Little World said...

They ARE all cute! Sorry the hotel sucked, but looks like you all made a great weekend out of it!

Anonymous said...

I have so many photos that Izzy has wandered in to. He is usually making a strange face too.

Biddle Family said...

Scott and I got sucked into the same UGLY time share deal... they told us to bring the kids and then when we got there they said NO KIDS ALLOWED... what the!!!! So they paid for our gas and we had a nice little trip to sedona! Hope your experience was better than ours.

Becky said...

How funny, I totally know what resort your talking about because we did the same thing, but we got sucked off the street when we were already there. When we saw the place we just laughed. Are you kidding me? A crown resort? What the freak ever. Crappy.