Sunday, March 15, 2009

The mormon mom slacker...

Yea, my baby will be 3 when I have my next....slacker, I know. But for this post I'd like to let out some of the good and bad of this pregnancy so's been hard not blogging about it since it has been pretty consuming thus far.

Good - Uh, I get another one of these...yay!!!!

Bad- I've already packed on 11lbs! (mind you, I'm 11 weeks) Oh, and Miken, I woudl like to wish upon YOU an eleven pounder!

Good- I don't feel bad about how my house looks

Bad - How my house looks (and smells today)

Good - I can lay off the ab work for a few months

Bad - I already look like I'm 5 months along!

Good - Epidurals

Bad - The friendly banter Jase and I have had almost every day about how this baby will be born. (epidurals, hospitals, inductions...all bad on Jase's list....all amazing and a blessed thing on my list.

Good - I get to chose how this baby will be born UNLESS Jase will let me shove a watermelon up his hole and have him push it back out anytime in the next 6 and a half months. You're choice babe.

Bad - That I'm on week 7 of feeling sick, and I had 19 weeks with Boss...but only 2 weeks with the other two, so hopefully it won't be that long.

Good - I have felt SO much better the last 4 days (thanks to all your comments?..maybe)

Bad - I weigh the same as Jase again

Good - The awesome questions Jaden keeps asking about the baby. What's it doing in there? How did you get it in there when you didn't go to the temple and get married again?

Bad - how long it's going to take everyone to like the name if it's a girl (we're pretty sure it's a boy anyway)

Good - I'll have 2 in school by the time this sucker comes out

Bad - Bossy won't be my baby. I've never had a hard time with this one, but this kid LOVES me, he loves to cuddle, loves to be craddled still and he's just been such a sweet baby, I'm already dreading the lack of attention he'll be getting.

Good - The help offered by neighbors and friends. you guys are the best. Especially you Amy M. for taking my kids almost everyday for the last 2 months. (I had to tell her early so she'd know why my kids would randomly walk over to her house while I was asleep in the middle of the day..haha)

Bad - 4 kids! SERIOUSLY?! YIKES!

Good - More than half way done!

Good - We'll have an even number for family games

Good - The kids are soo excited to hold it and want it to come out now even though it's the size of a lime (or probably a grapefuit since it's mine)

Good - I'm inducing ON MY DUE DATE...NOT GOING OVER!

Good - Getting baby clothes out and shopping in June when we find out what kind it is! We're waiting til my birthday to find out the sex even though we could find out midMay.

Good - All of the quilts I've already made (I'll post them as soon as I finish them...I've got 4 that need to be quilted and 2 more in the works.)

SUPER Good - My sister Tamee is due 2 weeks after me!!!! YAY!!!!! Not planned either. She told me the beginning of Feb. and I didn't tell her for a few weeks because we were going to wait, but I was just too excited and had to tell her so we coudl be miserable together!

So, obviously the good WAY out numbers the bad. And I'm sure the bad will all dissapear the second he is born, and the good will multiply! We're super excited..SUPER SUPER!!!!


Bailey's said...

I thought the girl name on your blog was Olivia? And I totally agree with you about how the baby will be born unless Jace let's you...ah-hem...well.....

Hope you feel better soon!

Kourtney Dawn said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited for you!! If you need help tying the quilts or anything lmk, I am always in Joe Town!! I also thought that I saw on your blog the girl name was Olivia, I LOVE it! I wanted to name Tera Shannyn Olivia, but then her initials would be S.O.B., (not too nice)!!

Becky said...

Wow, congrats! Our babies will be pretty close but I think I'm ahead of you by a couple of weeks. I haven't been the doctor yet. I know so many preggers right now due around the same time. IT must be the season for getting pregnant.

Burgess said...

Everyone's having babies. I feel left out.

AudyCamp said...

loved reading the good & make me laugh! I'm having my own name issues.-Can't help in that department. That will be fun to find out the gender on your bday. Congrats again!

Staci said...

Kris, I LOVED this post. This is my favorite post of all time. It's so sweet. You are an awesome mom. And I am proud of you for feeling like you ok with getting an epidural. I am pro-choice when it comes to pain management during labor. ;)

Jessica said...

I totally feel the same way you do about Boston not being the baby anymore. I feel exactly the same way about Mason not being the baby anymore! Its been weird thinking about it and I'm worried about his feelings on getting kicked out of the baby spot!

Hang in there--hope you feel better soon!