Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A day in the life of pregnant Kristal

I would like to share an average day in the life of me...knocked up style.
1. I wake up usually around 4, lay in bed for an hour or so til the morning sickness gets SOO bad that I have to get up and eat a cracker, or some times a bowl of cereal, or 3. This morning, I got up, ate a little something, and decided to do my pregnancy pilates.
2. Pregnancy Pilates. Ahh, if I would have done this 6 months ago I would have laughed at myself and said this is easy crap for old ladies. But since I allowed my self to get SO extremely out of shape...I sweat during yea, that's right, you can sweat during pilates.
3. Then I made breakfast for the family...amazing french toast with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. Whilst I ate 2 egg whites on a light english muffin. I actually like these...they are my own little weight watchers breakfast (2 points people).
4. Helped Jaden with homework, did Kam's hair, made Jase change Bossy's poop and turned the iron on.
5. Got an email from a good friend Susannah asking me to change the font on her annoucnement that I designed (so super cute, but can't share til she sends em out). So I did that, and since I had PS opened, I edited the rest of the senior pictures I took.
6. Lost Boston, helped Jase set up the swing, went to iron but it had turned itself off. Turned on iron.
7. Took some prenatals, found Boston, found some cute pink stuff to make a little game for a friend's shower on Thursday, went in to iron.
8. Ironed for a good 2 hours. I HATE IRONING!
9. Took a break from ironing due to EXTREME morning sickness because I forgot to eat (that only happens about 3x a year) . Went and ate 2 prunes, 2 grapes and a drink (now you all know my digestive problem, haha). Checked my blog. Went back to iron. The iron had turned itself off. I turned it on.
10. Went to get water for the iron, and finished the stupid ironing.
11. Took a moment to look at my beautiful new fabric for my quilts and realized I just wanted to look at it and not quilt with it....
(side note...I did NOT iron the stupid yellow on the bottom because it's a HUGE peice...backing for the summer quilt, so I'm going to cut it, rewash it and HOPE that while it's drying it flattens itself a bit)

I love fabric and scrapbooking paper. If you ever need either, I have em.

12. Had Jase turn on the grill for the steaks, and heated some oil in a skillet for the onions and potatoes.

13. Chit chatted with a neighbor while our kids played. Jase came out telling me, "the stove is on fire". Um, yea, ok, left the stove on high with oil in it.

14. Went in and finished onions and potatoes.

15. Fed kids, ate, read on the new awesome patio swing with Jaden, sent him back to school, lost Boston, and here I am. I'm now going to go find boston, lay him down after I clean either mud or chicken poop off of him, do some salsa aerobics (hilarious to watch I'm sure) get ready and go visiting teaching, then probably get back into my PJ's and lounge all day!

Signing off....

Knocked up Kristal


Burgess said...

I want a picture of your new patio furniture!

Tiff Hunt said...

I don't know why you weren't invited to my blog! It has issues. You now have a new invite. I think you look fantastic!! I need to know where you got pregnancy pilates. I NEED THAT! I hope you start feeling better. Being sick is seriously the WORST EVER!!

Jessica said...

Dang! You are one busy pregnant girl! I think I'll go take a nap now and think about how much you do and I DON'T do!

Jana said...

You did all that in a morning or was that threw the day. You are busy. I live in Mesa and I am still not that busy. Hope you feel better soon.

The Arnell Family said...

Cute fabric! It reminds me that I really need/want to learn how to sew. Oh and kudos for hating ironing. I'm right along with you there!

Alona said...

I'm glad your house didn't burn up! That's a lot of ironing, by the way! I don't know if I could do that!