Sunday, June 7, 2009

yard sale and potty training STILL in progress...

Day 2 of potty training....We had a yard sale yesterday. It went ok. We sold about half of what we had out. We sodl our kids dressers, my stupid kitchen aid, lots of books, some clothes and a few other things. We still have our couches, and changing table. I listed em both on craigslist and have people coming to loo, but if anyone knows anyone that needs a sweet green couch with an oversized chair and ottoman in great condtion (cept the chair an ottoman need cleaned...the kirby guy only cleaned our couch) for $350, or a sweet Ragassi changing table for $150, LMK. I have pics of both.
Anyway, we also hit Linda Miller's killer yard sale and got some dress up clothes. Boss was an awesome bee for the first half of the yard sale.....his tale was the cutest...but I forgot to get a pic.

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Jaime said...

CUTE pics!! :) :) Thanks for the L&L info. We had so much family shizz hit the fan the last couple of weeks I didn't get time to respond and they ended up calling me anyway. SO we're trying to hold one here, but not looking so hot yet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!