Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things to figure out now that we KNOW....

Ok, first off, the name. My sister reminded me of Pearson...which we thought of for Boston, but we quickly erased from our minds because it was a friend's maiden name, and it is a friend that doesn't like when you use things she has/produces/and such. But we haven't seen her for a couple of years and probalby won't for a few years, so

Now to our next delima...which, I, the queen of slack quilting (it's a new thing where you take months and months to make one freaking quilt!) really needs to get thinking about SOON.
Should I (here is the link for the first one since you can't see it on the poll: CLICK HERE

Alright, thanks for your help. I really suck at using my brain for ANYTHING this pregnancy.


Allred's said...

First off, congrats on finally knowing your baby's sex. That's fantastic and I kinda hate/love you for having a boy, when all I get is girls. Second, Holy cow Burgess really rocks, I love you that much too, just haven't known you forever. Third, I love the pics of you guys stranded, I wish you would have called us, we could have come to your rescue!! and Lastly....I love the name Pearson...I am not a poll pusher, but I do love that name. Not super fond of having it as his middle name and then calling him as if it were his first. Just call it like it is. Lot's of Love, Amy

Tiff Hunt said...

I like Pearson too! I would just use it! Our little guy will have the middle name Paul too! Since the hubs has the first name Paul and his dad has the middle name Paul, the hubs decided that was going to be the middle name. We haven't decided on a first name yet. Sorry you didn't get to NYC! I would have cried too! It's my dream to get to that place one day!! Congrats on the new couch. I want a new one SO BAD! I can't wait to get one. Well, congrats on baby boy and you look FANTASTIC!