Wednesday, June 17, 2009

30th birthday celebration...day3

The next day we just did more shopping and hanging out with our friends the Bloomfields. It was a good day. We hit a few more stores...Designer Blvd...which is my new favorite store....maybe just because they had 40% off of any item so we bought Kam an awesome huge chandleier (I'll post pics soon) and an awesome antique baby scale, and a few other nicnacs for the house. Then we went to Cortate and priced out sectionals.
Then we drove out to Scottsdale to buy an amazing bed from a lady that I talked down $100 for Kam's room...I'll post pics very soon of this. I LOVE LOVE IT! And so does she (and Jaden, which scares's very girly). Then we dropped off the trailer at the Bloomfields and went to pick up the kids at Payson where my parents took them. It was great to see them again. I can't believe how badly I want a break, but how badly I missed them after 2 days. They're awesome. Then we got to go back to the Bloomfields for some amazing food and some great sleep.

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