Wednesday, June 17, 2009

30th birthday vacation....Day 1

Let me cover this story by saying 2 days before we left, our house fell through, the plans and everythign we've been waiting to get started on forever...well our guy that thought he could for sure get our loan....could only get I cried day AND night about that for 2 days...but decided that the rest of my week was going to be amazing,s o I need to move on, and figure the house crap out later.

Alright, you all know how excited I was for this trip. I got all the food and clothes and plans ready for the babysitters. Babysitter 1 came and we hugged the kids and said our goodbyes. Headed out, and I was pretty sad already, but super excited. THe first part of our trip was the ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby so we could shop away for him/her in NYC and Maine. We were rushing and rushing and traffic started getting thicker and thicker and we called and told them we'd be about 10 minutes late...then we hit Gilbert Rd...which is FULL of construction...we were 15 minutes late and our stinkin sonogram lady had already left!!!! 2 of my sisters and 4 of my neices were there waiting...and no ultrasound...of coarse, I started crying.
Lukcily all of my sisters have delivered with this office and there is a super amazing lady named Linda that works there and she saw our excitment turn to distress. So she said, "let me make some phone calls". So she did, and they got us in that day about 30 minutes later for an ultrasound at the Chandler hospital, she wrote up a note and said, "let em know you're cramping...that's the only way I could get you in". haha, I love her! Anyway, we all rushed over there, and right before we pulled into the hospital we got a phone call from the hopsital saying, it's going to be $428!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!? Again, I started crying. There's no way we coudl do that...or would want to. Our office told us it would be around $150-$200 (oh, we're cash paying that's why we're freaking out). So yea, we didn't get the ultrasound. I was suffering fro mamor "pissoffedness"....that's what we decided to call it.
Anyway, that night things got better because I got to go to dinner at Brio's with my sister, 4 neices, a neice's boyfriend, my best friend and her husband (and her adorable little baby), a 2 guy friends from college. It was great!

The whole gang above, and me...yes, you can tell I spent most of the day crying, but it was a good dinner to end my 20's.


Jessica said...

That totally stinks! I'm so sorry-that has to be so frustrating! Anyways...I'm so glad your back! Yea!

Melissa said...

besides the caught of guard look on your face, you look so pretty!!! I want your hair.

Our Little World said...

You look amazing!

Staci said...

Kristal you look so gorgeous!! Wow! Red is soo good on you!! And your skin, can we please trade it is beautiful!! Sorry your trip got messed up but you look like you had a fun night!

Vonda G. said...

Super excited about baby Peirceson (I'll be calling him) You definitely make the cutest boys around. Thanks for inviting us to the birth too, I cant wait:-)