Wednesday, June 17, 2009

30th birthday 2

The day of my birthday we woke up at 4:30 and got a ride from our friend to the airport to catch our 6am flight to Dallas then to Boston where we'd get our rental and drive to NYC. We got our bags checked, had our boarding passes, and as they were boarding our plane, an announcement went over the whole terminal, "All flights to Dallas are cancelled today due to to tornadoes and lightning"., seriously? SO everyone whipped out their cell phones to get on other connecting flights. Our only option was to go through Chicago...and after about an hour on hold they told Jase that that flight was full to, but that they could get us on a day and a half later. So he stood in line and on hold a bit longer to see if there were any other options. And as he did that we thought maybe we'd just go to Cali for the week. But I realized we're going there in July and I'm not exactly in beach body mode. So he finally got through, we cancelled the whole thing...and luckily got ALL of our money back from rentals, hotels, flights, everything. So we walked down to baggage and decided to get a sweet breakfast from Paradise in the, wow, my luck...this paradise only served bagels for breakfast! UG! Then we went and sat forever for our baggage, it got thrown on the Chicago flight. And then we called everyone we knew to see if ANYONE could come pick us up and drive us to mid mesa to pick up our one could! So we caught a shuttle taking us to the rental car place, which was too expensive, caught the same shuttle back to the airport where we caught a 3rd crappy smoke infested shuttle to the car dealership where our car was being fixed to see if they coudl get us a loaner car for the day, they usually do at Brown and Brown...but guess what...this day, this beautiful 30th birthday, they couldn't! We were talking to one of the owners, and he said the other owner probably could, but he was with his wife finding out the sex of their, OH NO YOU DIDN"T! That sent me off, I explained in loud strong words the type of week we'd had and how WE were supposed to find the sex of our baby out yesterdayand how it was my 30th and our flight was cancelled, and I wasn't about to spend my 30th birthday (what was left of it) CARLESS! .....5 minutes later, he called our cell and had a big crew cab brand new, 40 miles truck for us to use. haha!
Jase pretty much felt really bad even though NONE of it was his fault, so he let me shop for the day. We've been needoing a new couch for a while...ours is almot 8 years old and has been t hrough 3 kids and about 9 moves. So we went to the Potatoe Barn, and realized we're not that rich. Then we went to CPK and had an amazing lunch together and figured out what we were going to do with the rest of our time off. We went and h ung out and my best friend Jana's house for a while and then I got to go to the best hair colorist in the world...Koe. And she did my hair all up, color, cut, curl, so even though the rest of me looked really gross and scary and mad, my hair was fantastic! Then yes, we went and ate dinner at Kona Grill...Mmmmm and walked the Chandler Mall. Got a few things, a cute pillow for my boys room at PB kids, a big fat maternity shirt, and a skirt for Kam.
Then we went back to Jana's...which is WAY better than a hotel...great food, company, fun kids and internet access. haha! Thanks again Jana. And we went to sleep. Thank goodness my 30th birthday is OVER!!!

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you dork! why didn't you call me??!!!