Monday, June 22, 2009

25 weeks.....

Ok, so since I take a picture every week for my message board for October moms (I know, I'm a nerd, but I did it with all of my babies....not the pictures, just the message board), I decided to do the ole 25 week pic. Much bigger than my 20!....and not just belly bigger. I took this right before I worked out...I should have taken it after. How I'm feeling: tired, grouchy, big, overstuffed already, and really excited to get another Jaden and BOston.
What I do most days: get up, eat 2 egg whites on a light english muffin with some water, do Lindsay Brinn's 2nd trimester workout (which gets harder everyday), eat some of whatever breakfast everyone else is having (yes 2 breakfasts), get on the computer, yell at the kids, go play outside til I get to tired, come back in and get the kids a snack, sit on the couch then do whatever Jase has planned that day.
What I crave: Um, nothing really. nothing sounds super good. I guess maybe honey nut cheerios, or watermelon or a chocolate malt.
What we're diong to get ready for this kid: right now, I'm selling lots of th ekids old clothes, a lens, some shoes I bought at last chance and other things on e bay to get enough $$ for the baby bedding. We're ordering that nursery soon as it goes back on sale...we missed ordering on the sale! And trying to get our house done by the time this baby comes out (haha, yea right)
And there you have it my 25th week of pg! ug! 15 LONG LONG weeks to go...hpefully only 14 and 5 days!


Shandi said...

I wish i looked that cute when I exercised! I love your hair by the way!

Our Little World said...

Of course I'm going to say you look great and you are going to say that you don't!