Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a 30th birthday celebratoin brief interuption...

My awesome friend Burgess just made this post about me and it made me cry (I also cried twice during the movie Up...I have issues), but no one has ever done anything like this for me, sO i wanted to post it so it'd make it onto my blog book:

My friend KRISTAL is turning 30 today ( I still have 30 minutes!) so I thought I'd honor her with a list of 30 things that I love about her....

(She's going to hate me that I used this picture, but look how cute she is!!)

1. She tells the truth. I like that she says anything on her blog, even if it makes her look bad (she went private a few months back -- so sad for you blog hoppers out there).
2. She always has pretty toenails.
3. She's strong. She lived a long way from anyone she knew for a few years while her hubs was going to school. I don't know how she did it. That would be so scary.
4. She takes the cutest pictures.
5. She's the only one of my AZ friends that visited me in CA after I moved back. That meant a lot to me since I didn't really have any friends there.
6. She liked me and treated me the same as all her other friends in High School -- even though I was 3 years younger. That's a lot when you're in High School.
7. She took me thrift store shopping.
8. She's a good mommy. When we were younger I don't think I could picture her being a mommy -- all crafty and cooking, etc. She makes it look easy.
9. Whenever we get together it feels like we were never NOT friends. It's not awkward like when you haven't seen somebody in a long time.
10. She makes the cutest cookies.
11. Her and her hubby are always willing to help.
12. She's the first person I can remember knowing a lot about the computer. I thought she was a computer whiz. I know that's a weird memory, but it's true.
13. She took me to see Lisa Loeb and we got to meet her after the concert. So cool.
14. Her kids are spunky like her.
15. She has a great sense of style and I like how she dresses.
16. She's really tall.
17. She has chickens that live in a mansion. Like seriously -- I would live there!
18. She wants to have 6 kids. I only have one, and I seriously respect and admire anyone with more than that, let alone 6.
19. She was the first girl that I knew that was like me -- a weirdo (and I mean that in a good way).
20. She has more friends than anyone I know.
21. And they all love and adore her as much as I do.
22. How could you not after reading this list, right?
23. She's a good example and practices what she preaches.
24. She likes to travel and see the world (just like I wish I could do).
25. She's really good at Volleyball.
26. She drove the coolest truck in High School and she let me shift for her while we were driving.
27. She would write the funniest letters to me in High School. I'll get them out and post them someday. Every one she would spell her name differently.
28. She's gorgeous.
29. She's really supportive and always comments on my blog (you fellow bloggers know how important that is).
30. She's a Hatch.


buba's bodacious babe said...

I totally agree with this blog, and I wish I had friends this nice. I would like to add that you also have AMAZING shopping skills and a killer sense of fashion.

Kourtney Dawn said...

that is so cute!!! what a sweet friend!!!

Vonda G. said...

I LOVE #30! Burgess Rocks. Thanks for posting this on yours (as it is the only blog I have been checking lately) LOVE YOU SIS!

Staci said...

That is so cute!

Tamee said...

I cried too. I agree, Burgess Rocks! And obviously You Rock too!
Even though your 30th wasn't what you wanted, it still sounds like it was fun. I was glad to hear that a few things turned out Ok.