Wednesday, June 17, 2009

30th birthday celebration....day4

So everyday we woke up and said, "I can't believe we're NOT in NYC!" was still pretty depressing, but this is the day that perked it all up. We ordered a custom sectional from Cortate. We had all of our money from our trip that we didn't go on, all of my photoshoot money and birthday money and we ordered. Now we just have to wailt 4-8 weeks! ug!!! WE dont' even know what color it is. We just gave them 4 of our favorite colors. It could be a light light beige, or a medium brown, or a medium sage green or a dark green. We'll see. Anyway, the rest of this day we just bummed around, took our kids and a couple of Bloomfields to see UP in 3-D and eat Chipotle...Mmmm. Then back to the Bloomfield's to follow them to their girl's awesome dance recital and back to their house for some food.


Jamilyn said...

Im sorry your trip didnt work out, i saw your parents on Saturday and I was so bummed for you guys when I heard, it sounds like you got a lot done though, I cant wait to see all your new furniture!!!!!!! furniture is so much fun to shop for.

The Fish Family said...

That is what I like to call 're-damn-diculous'. I am so sorry that all that crap happened. Also would like to apologize for not making it to your b-day party. Greg tells me the other day that Jase had called and left a message and he never passed it on to me or else I would have been there! Next time I am up there we will have to go to El Rancho or something. Talk to you soon!