Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's day!!! (yesterday)

Alright, I'm a bad wife and daughter. I got them both...nothing. Jase asked for nothing because we just bought a couch and we're getting dressers. And my dad, I'm getting him something today. I'm pregnant, whattya expect?!
Alright, so as usual, I'm doing a top 10 about Jase....not sure if any of them are the same as last years, but I'm sure some will be different.
10. I love that he is willing to do whatever I want....dress up for dates or halloween, take pictures for a date, dress up for fake wedding pictures..... 9. I love that he thinks he's getting fat and he shows me his tiny little stomach and tries to make it look fat. haha, Ok, I actually hate this one, but I love that he THINKS it's a helpful gesture.

8. I love that he loves to take the kids out front everyday to garden and he gets more excited than the kids about the sprouting fruit/veggies.

7. Even though it drives me nuts at times, I'm sooo glad he's a health freak or I'd still be 200lbs!

6. I love that he works so hard. I've seen so many guys slack off and take their time through school or not really try hard at their job and he gove 110% with both and that's why we're out of school and he has a sucessful practice (not due to my unsupportive attitude of "there's no way a chiropractic clinic will make it in JC")

5. I love his lips. I know kids, you're reading this and gagging, but Mmmm!

4. I love that even though I suck at it...he prays day and night and reads his scriptures w/o fail everyday! Seriously I get a day a month if I'm lucky. Can I add brushing his teeth to this? he does it a few times a day...I do it once a week...I know, gross, now you all know.

3. I love that he can do anything. He can beat anyone at wrestling...well, so far, even my nephew who is a major athelete in HS, and he beat our town's QB in arm wrestling and he won some greased pole contest and he is willing to try any sport/activity because he can do anything. Kind of annoying too, but it's pretty fun to brag about.

2. On the flip flop, I LOVE that he hasn't stuck with P90X!!!! haha. We started it at the new year, did it for a month til my morning sickness kicked in, and I started doing turbo jam and he started p90x then we both quit. I started turbo jam again about 2 months ago and he started, guess who's still going? haha! I'm sure he'll start again soon. And like most stinking guys it only takes a coupel of weeks to see a!

1. I LOVE that he loves me when I dont' like him. I just went through my longest streak of not liking him...due to morning sickness (his lack of help), and other pregnancy issues, I went 4 months w/o liking him, and he still (probably pretending) liked me! I would have left me! I woudl have!!! Thanks Jase! Look, I'm better now, and I'm pinching you really hard to show you my love and you love it!!! do, trust me!

I LOVE YOU JASE!!!!!! Thanks for chosing me and not any of those other hoochies!!!!


Elissa said...

Happy belated father day to jason. also, you look super good.

Jessica said...

AW! I'm so glad you like Jason again, he seems like such a great guy! I'm so happy you feel better, it totally sucks to be pregnant and not feeling like your usual self! said...

I love the list, my top 10 list would have you r a hot Asian, I wonder if Tom would love that. You are a hot 25 week prego chic. Tammi