Monday, August 1, 2011

Lamest mom award goes to.....

we just had an awesome weekend at the Arizona Grand, and then with the family for my awesome nephews farewell, and I lacked a camera the whole weekend.  Lame.  It was a lot of fun.  The resort was WAY WAY too crowded....but we're going again in August and hopefully on a weekday, so it should be better, but we got to go with the Jones, the Jones, the Fergusons and the Bollwinkels.  All awesome!  We had a great time.
And Jamison's farewell...awesome!  I still can't believe he's going.  We're going to have so much fun sending him letters and packages though...along with half the girls in Maricopa county.  We will hopefully get to take him and his companion to lunch or dinner sometime since he's serving in Riverside.  He's going to be amazing.
And the pregnancy....start week 10 this week...haven't exercised in 3 weeks (which is HUGE for me) and haven't stepped on a scale in about 2.  ugh.  Starting WW today and Zumba again tomorrow.  And dont'w orry, i did WW throughout my Pearcen pregnancy, still gained the 65, but it came off twice as quickly.  And yes, he was my smallest, but my smallest came out at 8lbs 6 ounces.  we'll be fine.
Cravings this week: Brio's wedge salad, Cheesecake factory's lettuce wraps, quesadillas and turkey sandwiches.

Annoyances this week: someone actually touched my stomach and asked how far along.  Don't!     The world's dirtiest house and people coming to look at it tomorrow, and i can't get ahold of Aida!!!!! Ugh!

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Elissa said...

awww i wish i was there. you need me to clean your house while you eat a turkey sandwich and watch some dish! wait, have you gotten it back yet? just come to my house. i'll hook you up.