Monday, August 15, 2011

what's going on with the mulders

I thought everyone knew, but i was wrong...we're moving.  We're packing it up and movin it out.  Moving to my parents JC house for a month or two then down to the valley, ugh.
And yes, I'm pregnant...#5, due March 3rd...feeling like crap, don't like packing, don't' like constant nausea  and fatigue, like my kids, don't like their messes, like my husband, don't like his schedule which leads to no help around here, like my family, don't like their laundry and dishes and eating 3x a day, don't like that I just got my maternity clothes out and my size 12's, but I can't suck it in anymore, don't like packing up my favorite, most homey, most 'me' home ever, don't like that the now dead rabbit ate our whole garden this year, don't' like making meals that I crave so badly, only to be grossed out by the thought of it when it's finally done, don't like that the little kid that invented Facebook is a billionaire and we all contribute to that pretty much daily.

I like my sisters, I like my husband and kids and chickens and the new rabbits and foxxie.  I like apples, tomatoes and toast all the time.  I like that fall is coming soon (wondering if it'll be as crisp and awesome in the valley...ugh), I like that I am the proud owner of the world's best baby...walks around laughing all day and lining cars up in the window sills.  I like not doing photography (for now).  I really like my sectional...and hope it fits into house #14.  I like Jaden, he's just awesome.  He's been a very cool kid.   I like pintrest and Facebook scrabble....I've gotta set some limits with both though. I probably spend an hour on each a day. I like Steve and Lu, especially when they're both explaining a game.  haha.

That's it.  We're moving, we're expecting, we're not super excited about the move, but trying to focus on the good things of the move, which are really good things....sisters, cousins, nieces, friends, cheesecake factory, speech for Boston and the beach on weekends!


The Giles Files said...

Um, ya - you don't have a lot going on or anything, do ya?!? Holy cow, pretty lady - I am so sorry for all the stress! If I were there, I would totally help. But then I would be mad that you would be moving and leaving me behind in Northern AZ. So maybe it's better that I am in ID. I hope you find a house you can make homey in the valley. At least there is family in those parts...And I am so happy that you are preggers. I am sure you will be too when it's time to push HER (my fingers are double crossed)out :) Now go eat an apple with lots of PB for me!

Jessica said...

:( Not cool! Not moving for good though right? Are you coming back? Need more details!

AudyCamp said...

MOving & having babies just go together for some reason! Believe me I feel your pain!!! It'll all work out.