Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 10

Week 10 of pregnancy #5...sad..
 I'm starting to pack up to move out of my favorite house ever.  Sad.  I love this house. I've never been sad to move before. I've had people I'd miss each move, but I've never been sad to leave a house and find a new one...this time I'm super sad and know I won't love the next home nearly as much as I love this one.  sad.

I also think it's so unfair that Jessica Beil gets to wake up and look like she does AND not have finaicial difficulty.  I think all majorly beautiful people should be broke!
 And now, embrace yourself....Mulder's got a new car. I didn't help pick it out AT all, but we're the proud (I guess) new owners of a '91 Toyota Celica Convertible.  The kids think it's the nicest car ever...way nicer than the suburban.  Speaking of...anyone in need of an awesome, wonderful, fully loaded '09 Suburban???
 So as I continue to gain weight, go bald, and be broke, I'm going to pack it all up.  And yea, I know, I'm not forgetting how blessed I am to have 4 awesome kids and a faithful husband.  But seriously?!  ugh!
Cravings of the moment....this baby has wanted a pumpkin pie for weeks now....she ain't gettin it.....til today!  I vow to make something pumpkiny before the days end!!! Probably not something this amazing...but something!


Elissa said...

im sorry your not loving the move yet. hopefully when you get down there and have all your family it will seem better. love the car, and i am NOT a pumpkin anything fan but that dessert looks awesome. maybe i'll just make it for justy to eat.

Jamilyn said...

Didnt know you were moving.. you happen to be moving down to the valley!? you really selling a suburban? if so email me how much. We have been looking for one for awhile.

Koi said...

Hurry and move down here so I will have an equally grouchy pregnant woman to watch Bachelor and scream at all the stupid, pretty people with. I hate that show, but it pulls me in.