Wednesday, August 10, 2011

annoying and sad (seems to be my everyday anymore)

First I've gotta get this off my chest. I can't stand blondes that wear pink all the time.  ok, anyone that wears pink all the time, but it's more annoying on blondes.  Fine if you wear it once a week whatever, but when you wear it EVERYDAY, IT"S ANNOYING!!!!  I don't know this person, someone probably does, she was on FB, and I just noticed all of her pictures had pink, I'm sure she's really nice and super sweet and probably does charity work every day from the second she gets up til she falls asleep in her pink pajamas, but stop with the pink!!!!
 Next...saddest day of the year. Every other year, I've been so excited for the first day of school.  Back to schedules, back to a quiet house for a few hours a day, back to being able to catch up on cleaning.  But this year, I cried the second they left, until I got in the car and went to their school to make sure boston found his class alright and the other two made it to assembly ok.  They were all pretty excited to get back. I'm sure it'll be fine...right?  But I'm just sayin, if any of those punk kids make fun of my boston's hats, mismatched shoes (I made him match today), or speech, they'll get it!!!! Ok, with that being said, I'm sure he'll be fine, his class is full of awesome kids and the best kindergarten teacher.  Kam and Jaden both got teachers who are teaching at our school for the first time this year.  Should go fine.


Burgess said...

Amen on the blondes with pink.

I feel so sick for you right now! I know how I'd feel if we just built a new house and then had to move. So sorry! That sucks. I know when things are going wrong in my life, I hate when people try and cheer me up, so I won't do that. I'll just send good vibes your way :)

buba's bodacious babe said...

so sorry you're having a bad phase. And sorry about being blonde and wearing pink... every day. yup, that's me.

AudyCamp said...

that's my best friend jamie!!....NOT! totally kidding. BUt that is Hilarious that you put a random girl on your blog. You crack me up!