Friday, August 26, 2011

stuff to remember

Ok, i always forget to write stuff here that I want to remember, so here's some randomness

Wed. at the baptism/blessing dinner, Jason pushed boston's face into his peice of cake (mature) and boston was super sad about it, and ran downstairs.  When he came back up, he found a piece of cake on a plate and ran up to J and went right for the face, but Jase caught it before it hit his face, so Boston quickly pulled the cake off the plate wiht his other hand and started chucking it at J's face and yelling, "HOW YOU LIKE IT?~!?!? HOW YOU LIKE IT?!?!"


About once a week Boston asks me, "How much I love you mom?"
I say, "I don't know, how much?"
He says, "Never ending!"

In other news, the noise maker/air purifier that we bought with Jaden and use EVERY single day with who ever the baby is at the time....BROKE TODAY! I'm hoping it's fixable.  It costs about $15 back in '01 but it makes the perfect noise and it's so portable.

and in awesome news.  One of my favorite friends from HERE and one of my favorite friends in the valley both announced this week that they are 6 or 7 weeks pregnant!  YAY!!!!  2 of us are going for girls, one....this isn't the other one's last I'm sure, and she's got 2 girls and a boy, so let's just all hope for 3 healthy, super cute babies!!!!!!!!!


kAyLa GuTtErY said...

Your kids are as awesome as you!!! Me and chad were FB stocking you this morning and we both said that we wanted to have kids like yours and do as much fun stuff as you do.

LuAnne said...

Super cute babies is all we can hope for! But I'm really hoping you get your girl & I get my boy! Haha!

And.... You're not moving. I live without Steve for days on end... STAY HERE!!!!!

Alona said...

I love these stories! Sorry about your noise maker. I hope you get it fixed quick! :)