Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh so much!

The last two days and the next 4 are filled.  COMPLETELY FILLED. I almost cry when I wake up knowing that there will be no down I'm here at 5 am to blog and get it out!
Wednesday we got up at 5 and drove to the valley to make it to the baby doctor by 8:40.  I LOVE LOVE my baby doctor's PA or whatever she is.  She sat and talked forever wtih me and she's just awesome.  I've had her for 4 of the 5 now.  We heard a cute little baby heart beat.  Still giving no sign to boy or girl.  But healthy! yay!  Then we go to go drop J off at work, run the kids to my friend Lanae who watched them for me (owe her big time) ran back to san tan to eat some brio's with the sisters....and mom....and niece.  Ran back to pick up the kids, then over to Ashley Biddles for the briefest second before  I packed up all 4 and went to Sam's, then out to the baptism and blessing then the PARTAE afterwards.  Then over to pick up my my tomatoes and strawberries that I ordered, to the Fish's, sat aroudn with dani making fun of Property Brothers, THEN BED!

Next day, get up, and yes, I did get to sit around for a couple of hours because there was the BEST What Not To Wear on ever!!!!! Then I ran over to get my older 2 who stayed at Vonda's.  Go them out, dried em off, fed em, dentist.  Ahh, the dentist. I hadn't been in over 2 years. Gross, I know.  But Jaden went about 8 months ago and still had 4 cavities.  sad.  Kam got her chip fixed....yay! for uncle sam!!!! Then the bank, golden spoon, gas, pick up the little ones from aunt vonda, pick up J, get more gas, drive home, stop and have lunch with our Payson Rossers, drive home, sleep.

Today.  I'm awake.  ugh!  Gotta bottle these awesome pickles, cut up the strawberries to freeze, pack up TONS, take TONS down to mom and dad's, clean, clean, clean, then pack up TONS more, then load it up.  Looks like the day with the least, but it's the day that's going ot KILL ME!

Tomorrow, Soccer, take a load up to Taylor, bottle chilies, come back, take a load to parents, SLEEP!  ugh.

I hope I look back on this post and just laugh and the poor poor pity party pregnant me!


buba's bodacious babe said...

You're pretty amazing, Kristal! You are a busy, busy lady. You need a break. Like maybe a day at the spa. Oh wait, that's gonna hppen, huh!
You really are an inspiration to me Whenever I wanna sit down and do nothing I think of you and how much you do and it motivates me to do better.

j&krosser said...

Five is crazy, but a good kind of crazy. I loved growing up in a big family and I wish I had the guts and sanity to have a bizillion kids. It was fun to see you guys!