Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It'll be alright

I like this one.  She's a good one.  She cracks me up.  She always gets the couch blanket or baby blankets to sleep with so that she won't have to make her bed in the morning.  And she reads for about an hour before she falls asleep each night...and as you can see she's got a crowd to read to.  She's hilarious.  I really really like her.  Jase and I decided that when our kids turn 8 we're going to take them on a special trip, just them.  They get to pick (within reason).  Jase took Jaden on a one day one night trip to Disneyland.  Fastest trip ever, but Jaden LOVED that they slept in the suburban and ate at IHOP.  Kam is having a hard time choosing. I told her if we stay in Az we can do chocolate and cheese fondue, stay at a nice (they think everything is) hotel and get our nails done.  If we go to Cali, we'll have to stay at a normal hotel and pack our own food.  She goes back and forth everyday.  But now that her cousin got a job at the melting pot in Awatukee...maybe she'll decide. :)
And if this is another boy, we'll be alright.  We'll just have twice as many girls trips. (though her fingers are crossed and prayers are constantly said for this to be a girl my belly).


Elissa said...

that lame aunt lissy still needs to give her the birthday present that has been on my counter for months.
she is the cutest.

Biddle Family said...

Tell Kam that Kali prayed everyday for Maxx to be a girl.. she cried like crazy when He didnt answer her prayer but she loves him still the same. Good luck on a girl.. I love KAM too!!!! HAppy birthday to my other favorite girl!

AudyCamp said...

hope you get a girl too...but if you don't then we will SO be twins.