Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bringing up the rear...

So up until about, uh, a month ago, I pictured us having one more after this...close after this.  But the more I see people that are done...that have babies that are 5 and 6 years old, the more I'm ready to be there.  I think 5 might be our magical number.  Each pregnancy is so much worse too.  not only is there more to get done as I have more kids, but the sickness is worse, and my fatigue and age kill me with that.  This pregnancy I KNOW, will be hard with all that's going on.  Possibly leaving our lovely home that I've grown so attached too, along with all the land that we've dreamed of having our final home and family orchard on (that has already been started). And Jase building up a THIRD clinic, being gone a few days (and nights) a week.  I sit and cry about it every few hours, I can only imagine when it all comes to pass.
And I KNOW if we do end up moving there will be so many great things too.  Being so close to sisters and nieces and friends.  And the kids  are so excited to be by cousins (except Kam...she's like me and LOVES our country/farm life and is dreading leaving it).  I can actually have the lettuce wraps I crave instead of filling that craving with grape nuts, bananas, or salsa.  We can go on fun exciting dates again.  We can take the kids to ball games again, and zoos and museums.  But I will ALWAYS miss the country life. I love it!  LOVE IT!  UGH!
So, I'm trying to really enjoy every gruesome moment of the first trimester of my last baby.  I know when the nausea goes away and the kicking starts, it'll be easier to enjoy and embrace, but the thought of this being the last does make it easier to endure this first trimester.  blah!

your baby's the size of a prune!
Now, she's about 1.2 inches long and weighs about .14 ounces. Her body length will almost double in the next three weeks.


Stacey Mowers and Family said...

Knowing your family is complete is the best feeling!! And now that ALL four of my kids will be in school this year I feel like I can finally breath...life just got easier!! Hope you start feeling better and can enjoy your (maybe) last pregnancy!!!

The Giles Files said...

It's a bitter-sweet feeling, isn't it? If my pregnancies resembled anything like even a semi-easy pregnancy, I think I would have 10 kids. I LOVE babies. But my body just doesn't handle it well. This last pregnancy was down right scary for us...so I think we are done. I do however subscribe to the mantra "Never say never" (not Bieber fever crap - haha - but the actual saying). We won't make a permanent decision for a few years yet. I am sorry you are sick, but at least there's a kid that comes along with it!

January said...

I so get you! 5th pregnancy was super hard and 5 kids in 7 years is crazy! (((hugs)))