Tuesday, August 23, 2011

goods n bads

Ok, so obviously right now I've got some bads in my life...and I KNOW my bads could be worse Mel...don't tell me again...but between putthign half my stuff (including my fall decor that I LOVE) and my cushy wushy couch in storage, pulling out my size 12's, and leaving the only home I've felt settled in in over a decade, it's been hard to find the good, but I'm working on it.  
* I'm moving closer to a Cheesecake Factory, Brio's and TRH
*We can soon go to movies w/o planning a babysitter for 2 extra hours to drive to the theater and back
*Finances will perk up VERY soon.
*My favorite week of the year...Pear and Peach week is coming up!!!!!
 * I'll have cable at my parents house for a couple of months! FOOD NETWORK!
* I'm going to have another cute baby in 6 months!
*I get to have a girl's weekend with Kam for her 8th birthday (J took Jaden to Disneyland)
*  We'll have grass in our yard for a couple of months, and big old trees!
* August 29th...spa day, awesome girl's lunch, and some shopping with my girl Trina! (this picture really looks like us...just add a spare tire and lower belly to me and put HER hair down and My hair up)
See, so there's LOTS of good, I've just gotta stay focused on it and stop crying all the stinking time!!!!!!


Biddle Family said...

looks like im NO GOOD

Lanae said...

crafting with lanae...eating weird food with lanae...baking with lanae...lots of good!

Kristal said...

yes, yes, of coarse family and friends, and a new amazing bunco group and girl's nights. yea, I just figured that was all a given!

Stacey Mowers and Family said...

LOVE Brio!! City life is good!

Alona said...

Good "Good" list! You'll also be closer to the airport which will be awesome, because when you do have more moolah coming in, you can hop on a plane and come see me!