Thursday, August 11, 2011

Financial distress + Marriage = SUCKINESS!

So, of coarse, our main purpose in moving back to the awful awful, horrible, ok, it's not all that, but it is the city, is to help boost our finacial situation.  The past few months have been stressful and it's killing our marriage. I turn into a stressed out grouch who wants, wants, wants.  And Jase turns into a penny pinching, over budgeting,  over working, neglecter.....those two are a BAD combination.  And I know we'll be back to bliss in our marriage soon.  But when times suck you kinda wonder, "why's he even with me?"  And today when I was reading Nienie I saw these pictures and I thought, "holy crap, look at the way he's looking at her!  I wonder if Jase would be able to look at me like that if I had gone through all that she has? Then I wonder, I wonder if he could now.  The thoughts of a crappy little phase.  I know, it'll pass.  But seriously, look at the love in these pictures!

In the meantime...back to packing. I'm soo soo depressed right now blogging, surrounded by packed boxes and empty cupboards.  The kids are having an awesome time using the too big boxes for trains and forts.


Burgess said...

Zane and I have had a hellish year in our marriage, too -- the first "bad patch" since we've been together in 11 years. We finally made it out. I hate money -- when you don't have any, it affects everything. Boo.

Kristal said...

yea, this is our first really bad in 11 years too, must be an 11 year itch. But yea, when youre' so negative that you don't ever see anything you make...right after doing soo soo well, it kills. I can't even be hopeful anymore, but that's my awesome character...drives Jase the "rainbows and sunshine" man nuts. Glad we have each other. haha.

Young Hatch Batch said...

Oh, girl...It was us that passed you on your way to your parents' house on Saturday...we had been to the Temple and then a quick lunch with David's bro Michael...we were in a hurry to run errands up Showlow way...I had wanted to stop and see Uncle Paul and Aunt Sharlene and then I saw you and Jason pulling off the highway...I really wanted to just turn around and go visit! Well, I think you and Jason are a great balance. Keep looking into his eyes with all the love you can muster and you will see and feel it all coming back to you! We have never solved the "financial" mess but we are together 36+ years and going on Eternity! We just keep focusing on making the main thing the main thing. David's crazy...he thinks (knows) we are RICH! Of course, his treasures are family, nature, the Gospel, etc!!!! hmmm?? Just wanted to share with a woman that has continued to amaze me--you!