Friday, August 26, 2011

Yes, 5 kids.

So I guess people can tell i'm pregnant, and then of coarse, family shares with other family, so I've been getting a lot of comments.  4 was no big deal. i think a lot of people figure 4 is the max for most, so when it's 5 you get alll kinds of welcome and super unwelcome comments.
You have your peopel who had 2 or 3 kids and when they hear this is #5, sometimes they'll say, "whoops, you guys weren't planning that were you?"  Or "wow, that's so brave, I could never do that".  "5 is crazy".  Or those with 5 who like to scare you, or just hope your life will be as crazy or hard as theirs is with 5 and the ole, "it's the hardest!" or "enjoy 4, it's much easier"  "just wait". " or I love my sister Tamee who swears it's death....of coarse, she had a 1 year old when she had her #5....and her oldest was 7.  ouch! Or strangers that ask how many (in the OB office), "Lordy!  2 is more than I wanted! 5 would kill me!"  She was awesome though.

....ahhh, all so encouraging.  Thank you.

Then you have those that have 3 or 4 and give you the ole, "5?  that's awesome, we wanted more, 5 would have been perfect"   or  "I come from 5 and loved it!"
Or those with 5 or more, "5 was nothing, it's hard at first just like all of them, but then it's all the same" (thanks debi...mother of 10).  or, "I'm not going ot lie, at first it's hard, but after a month or two, it all falls together"

So obviously I get more of the crap comments, but strangely I'm more excited for this one than I have been for the last couple.  I think because the kids are all in a great place.  They all know what they need to do, they're good at keeping each other entertained, and Kam and J can pretty much take care of P by themselves. Right now I'm of coarse feeling overwhelemed with life, but I'm sure when we get moved in, settled, and deliver this kid, we'll be ready.    But yes, it's #5, and YES we planned it and YES we want a lot....probably our last, but maybe not.  J says NOT our last...right now, i say our last.  haha.  and YES, it might be hard at first, but then again...maybe it won't!


buba's bodacious babe said...

I'm so happy for you to have 5 kids. I really wanted 5, but it wasn't in the cards for us. YOu're such an awesome mom that 5 is going to be a cake walk..... after the first year that is! I've seen you take on some hard things in your life and you always come out ahead. Yeah for #5! In a couple of years it'll be #6 &7, both girls. Can't wait!

Lanae said...

i'm sure glad you are pregnant!!! she will be awesome. and they are all hard...right? if it wasn't a little tough it wouldn't be worth it. (that's how I get thru). just think of the fun aspen grove vacation when ben and jaden are teenagers, it will rock! can't wait. have a great day.

Pam Jorgensen said...

LOVE your Sock Monkey header you crazy mother of 5!! ;) Really, I only think you're crazy for moving in the summer and while preggo! 5 kids is nuthin' compared to that! Vball was fun today...can't wait to have you there too!

The Queen said...

Just to add my two cents - I am the 5th child (and the last). I'm totally glad that my parents went for 5 (though my dad wasn't a fan when he found out - but that's because my brother was such a handful!)

I totally wanted more, but after 1 I couldn't get pregnant. I'm totally jealous of bigger families - especially cute ones like yours and Nie-Nie's that do all sorts of cute family things together.

Hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and quickly!

Trezise Momma said...

We are on baby number 5, and I have been hearing those same comments. Someone even told me that 4 is the new 6 for Mormons. It is rough when you hear it from members. We are so excited to be having 5, and like you, #5 was planned. Maybe we are crazy, but we are excited. :)

Kristal said...

The Queen, who are you?
and Tara, I'm so glad it's not just me. I think I just take the comments so offensive right now because I'm so overly stressed, hopefully in a month or so I can just blow em off...especially from people I see and talk to a lot. It gets frustrating...but #5 will be awesome. Jase swears it's not our last...right now, I'm feeling like it is...I HATE being pregnant!!!!

Melissa Fullmer said...

if anyone can do it you can!! someone people just like to multiply but someone has to do the replenishing!!!

Alona said...

It will be great and that new baby is going to be super cute - I already know it! :)