Thursday, July 28, 2011

This little piggy went whoa whoa whoa...

Yup, it's time to call off the cravings.   This baby loves tomatoes, LOVES pickles, and LOVES dill.  This baby love turkey sandwiches, hold the cheese, cucumbers, carrots.  THIS little baby LOVES Taco Bell and almond chocolate milk and homemade dill dip and toast.
This little baby helped HER/his mom pack on 15lbs in 2 months already.  Time to call it off.  I keep pickles and tomatoes on hand.  But when you're in holbrook, you've been held hostage at the dr. office, having to pee in a cup twice, get poked 3x and all together being in the office for 2 and a half hours, your crazy pregnant brain thinks like this:
You've gone a long time w/o food, your body is now low on calories, a soft taco supreme fresca style and tostada no cheese will be fine.
So I did it.
Pregnant brain sucks!

I would like to get this in writing to see if it comes to pass:

I WILL GET CABLE TV BACK BEFORE THE END OF THIS PREGNACY!  Weather it be with Jase's approval, or in a house on my own, I will have it!  This is the first pregnancy I've gone without it,a nd it's hard when you feel like crap all day to not have TV....and I just pictured myself nursing a baby 24/7 w/o one.  Uh huh, not gunna happen.  Start the wagers on if I'll do it alone or with a husband. (the cable, not the pregnancy)

And now, let's see what today will add up to:
1 hour getting hung up on twice, getting thrown back and forth before finally getting the credit card company to give me my credit back (removed for a late payment...come's July, cut me some slack!) + a bottle of bubble spilled all over just before knocking over a mason jar and having it shatter all over the kitchen + 2 and a half hours in the doctors office, peeing in a cup twice, getting poked 3x and seeing my weight, ugh + having to go load up a bike and a kid in the pouring rain + our homemade dam breaking in our backyard so now a waterfall flood is going on back there + Taco Bell + 3 homemade c.c. cookies + 3 loads of laundry + still having to pack all 6 of us to leave in the am + a sick Boston =

Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

OK I just caught up on your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where have I been? You are preg and have been for a couple months!! I am so happy for you girl, there can never be enough Mulder kids on this planet, seriously cutest kids ever! I can't wait to know whether it's a boy or girl, u find out right... I so hope to see what another Mulder girl would look like, but if it's a boy I can't wait either, your kiddos are so flippin cute!

Jaime said...

AMEN to cable while nursing! I got addicted to so many shows then. lol Congrats BTW...oh and love the change of font on your blog!

Mary said...

Sounds like you need a spa weekend alone!! (Or at the very least, a few hours of uninterrupted cable TV watching!)

Beth said...

I could not survive pregnancy with out Taco Bell, or nursing with out TV! Love this post! Hope you're feeling a little less sick!

January said...

I love pregnancy cravings!!! My post partum cravings are just as wicked! Jalapenos right now. And coffee (I know). Just enjoy. You can do WW when you are done. Give that prune what it wants!!!!