Sunday, July 24, 2011

16 half years...blah!!!

Ok, s he's half way there. That makes me wanna throw up!  But I'm so glad we're not there.  I LOVE my little eight year old.  She chose to have a rainbow party this year, so Jase and I got up and decorated the house with all kinds of streamers, banners and balloons and made her rainbow pancakes:
Which made her day.  Then I spent the whole day making all kinds of rainbow goodies like cookies, cake, fruit kabobs and ice cream cups.

 aunt tamee was around so she helped paint faces.
 She was pretty excited about all of it.  Lots of food and LOTS of painting.  We did finger painting, painted magic wands, face painting, and we were supposed to do cookie painting, but I suck at making cookie paints.

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