Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer, baby names, morning sickness and jewelry

I was defaintely dreading this summer since our finances are crap from the last business endevour, and we had no big plans other than that awesome Colorado trip, but this summer has FLOWN by.  I've had so much fun with the kids.  I can't believe I have to send them back in less than 2 weeks.  ugh!

And now to baby names.  We had Oliva for the girl name for Kamryn and Boston.  Jase didn't let me name Kam Olivia, so he said I could if Boss were a girl.  Boss was a boy.  Then when we got pg with Pearcen, he said we could still use Olivia, but it's wayyy wayyy to overused, so I switched to Stella.  Pearcen was a boy.   And even though Stella is making it's way up the popular list, I'm keepin it at #1.  Ruby, Ramona and Gracie were our other girls names,  Winston, Oliver and Henry were all on the list for Pearcen as a boy, so we're keeping them on there for this one, and hopefully I'll come up with another new one because those are all climbing the charts too.  But in the last few weeks I've had friends flat out tell me they don't want me to use certain names.  ugh!  really?  I remember a friend told me she'd kill me if I used Mazie for Kam (it was on the list) because she was naming her baby that (who was born a few months after Kam), so I didn't, and she didn't.  And yea, I like Kamryn better, so I'm glad she made the demonic threat, but still.  NONE of my names are original at all.  No one I know made up any of them, but still, I've been asked to not use them.    Ugh. But for now I'll take those names off of my side bar list.
It's cool.  Whatever.  
Morning sickness is soo stupid!  SO SO STUPID!  I wanted Eva's salsa forever, and I LOVED it when we were there lat week.  Made my sister bring me some  yesterday, and blah!  Couldn't do it!  WTH baby?!?!?! What do you want?!?!?!?!?!?

Ahh, and alas, the new Premier catalog came in and I couldn't be more in love.  Tamee and I made the world's hugest order yesterday after shopping the catalog for 3 hours.  Can't wait!!!!!!

And Quote of the month:

Boston: (super mad at us for not getting him some kind of food, don't remember what it was) " You two are dumb adults!"


Alona said...

I know Oliver's off the list, but I really like that one. Second choice for a boy is Winston! I really like the first two choices for girls on your side bar!

Melissa Fullmer said...

Oliver is super cute!!! I think Ollie is the cutest nickname, keep it on the list. Friends who let friends use their kid's names are awesome so kristal, that makes you awesome!! I couldn't imagine my Kamryn with any other name. Henry is cute too though so keep that one on the list too. Girl name, i think stella is my favorite, it's fitting for you. I'm over Olivia. Girl names are hard, trust me, i had to pick 3!!!

Jessica said...

I think your friend needs to chill out! These kids aren't related, they won't be growing up together and what right does she have to say what you can or can't name your kids! You name it what you want- its YOUR kid!

Kristal said...

oh yea, I totally forgot that we both had Kam' that's 4 people I know that used Kamryn...including my best friend. haha. And yea, I'm over it, but too many. And Stella is a shoe in for a girl, and it's girl, so I don't even need to worry about my 2 boy names that got the boot.
And yea, I agree, I think if they're not relatives, it doesn't matter...but I made the mistake of asking them, thinking for sure it'd be no big deal. But they're both pretty good friends so I don't wanna mess that up over a stinkin name.
Praying for girl.

Kourtney Dawn said...

Just don't tell people what you are going to name them! I do think it would be different if they were the same age and related, but they won't be! Good heck, after your family gets so big, you get to a point where kids are going to have the same names! Name that baby what you want! I still like Olivia (wanted to use it as a middle name for Tera), but how cute would twins Oliver and Olivia be?! Good luck!

Burgess said...

I agree with Jessica -- you can tell your sister not to use your name, but a friend? Weird. I love Ruby -- we were thinking of that one but "Ruby Ewton" sounds like we were having an 80 year old.

Dr. Mulder said...

haha, I've thrown ruby out there a few times, Jase's nixes it everytime. I knew the prettiest girl in college named Ruby though. I like pearl too, but my kid's associate it to the fat whale on spongebob. ha!

oh, and my friends weren't mean about just asked us not to use the name, and the other just said it would bug her. I don't think either would disown me (I hope) if I used them. My mistake was actually asking. I agree with Kourtney, I should have just shushed, and then done it when he/she's born. The boy name was our #1, the girl name was our #3, so not a big deal...BECAUSE IT"S A GIRL!!! ugh

Koi said...

Keep in mind that your friend that freaked out about "Oliver" is pregnant too and her cousin stole the name as well;o) Jarred doesn't care if you use it but my hormones do and I can't make them behave! I was much nicer with previous pregnancies. Don't hate me, I will be much nice in January!!