Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nothing really

So, not much going around this hick town of least as far as I'm concerned. No navajo taco sales (hopefully next week) and no field trips to the post office. Nothing. So we've been walking around town a lot, playing at the school. Here's Jaden making a usual face for me when he sees the camera. nice. And Kamryn LOVES to take the dog for walks. I hate it...Foxxie makes all of the big dogs go crazy in town and they all look like they want to knock down their fence and kill us all. It makes our walks really stressful for me, but one out of every 3 or 4 times I let her because she's an animal freak. She's out "holding" the chickens as I type this. She said they like to be out of their coop so they can run around. So she lets them out everyday, and they wonder over our fence, and they dont' lay eggs for us, but she said they like it, so let it be.
Ok, and since there's nothing exciting going on in my life and most of you are stuck in the city, Here's a tip for today, Tuesday, February 26th, 2009.
Go to Jack in the Box and bring a gas reciept (for any ammount) and get a free taco! yay!!! Enjoy your day people!!!


Our Little World said...

I forgot about Foxxie! And you always know the good deals going on!

Tia said...

nothing going on round there, definetly hit up the aquaplex it's on 4th street and rte 66. If your headed into town on rte 66 you take a left on 4th street and youll see on your left. Super fun worth the drive.