Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 things...

1. I'm so grateful for coupons! I know, still on my coupon kick, but I've saved enough in the last month and a half to pay our rent!!! That's nuts!

2. Jason. I know I've already said that one before, but he's great. I'd have been divorced years ago if I were married to anyone else...either that or dead because they couldn't put up with me.

3. Pathways magazine. Sometimes I feel like the crazy girl around certain friends and all of my family because of how strongly we believe in natural shiz...and I'm not just talking no medications, no sugars, and no vaccinations, I'm talking the whole dang thing. But today I read in Pathways magazine, which is GREAT, some amazing articles. Every month they have good stuff, but this past months was on pregnancy, children and medications. My favorite article is "Are we making our children sick". And it reassured me that, although we may not always practice what we preach, what we know is true, and we're not crazy. So thanks pathway doctors for your articles.


Burgess said...

I love coupons too! Who knew it would be so fun to save money.

Jessica said...

Ok! So where are you getting all these coupons? I HATE going grocery shopping because its SO expensive- and I LOVE saving money!