Thursday, February 5, 2009

3 things...

1. Lazy days. We all have em...even the bussiest of us...and even if it has to be a Sunday. I just love today. I looked at my calendar, and all I have for today is "Kam's preschool at Vicki's" And she cancelled it. So we went on a half a block walk before freezing our bums off, then came back to do half of P90X before we got too hot, then we cleaned, sat around, cleaned, cooked, at guacamole, and now I plan to clean a bit more, get my grocery list ready for tomarrow's big Flag trip, catch up on my magazine reading during the kids nap, an dhope the kids will get hooked to some movie that I 'll be watching later. Oh, and read...I'm behind on my reading with Jaden. So we'll double time it tonight. I LOVE LAZY DAYS!!!!
2. I'm grateful for my killer lens that my lover got me for Christmas this past year (for reals this year). I haven't done a single shoot with it, but I'm thinking this evening might be the evening with the kids. We'll see if any of them make it to the bath. But I love the lens. A lot less PSing...if any. Thanks J! 2. Rice A Roni, I know, so bad, but I didn't feel like coooking today, so wahbam! A 2 yaer old box of rice a roni. FYI, if the seasoning turns into one big gross chunk over time, it'll disolve in the water, no worries.


Burgess said...

wow all the cleaning and exercising etc doesn't sound like a lazy day to me. My lazy days are:
waking up and staying in bed reading or cuddling with Izzy
eating some breakfast
blog for 45 minutes
cuddle with Izzy some more
eat lunch
blog some more
take a nap
finally get dressed and roam around target for an hour
come home and sit on the couch some more
go to bed
So there you go making me feel bad about myself again because your lazy days are busier than my productive days. Thanks.

Kristal said...

no no no, maybe I didn't explain myself very well. I didn't wake up thinking it would be a lazy day, it just became that. I woke up thinking I'll go on a walk (in my PJ's mind you) half a block turned around. Ok, I'll do P90X...didn't even finish half, that's when I decided it's a lazy day, and yes, I know, my lazy days are the days I clean instead of facebook...haha, go figure. But I'm still in my PJ's, hair everywhere, glasses and zits, but alas, a clean house for once in about 2 months, and the kids are all yelling at me because I won't go with them to the park and I'm making them stay in the yard. LAZY! Your lazy day sounds perfect too, but I saw your house, you don't let it get as trashed as I let mine get, therefore I have to do deep DEEP cleaning often....due to my chronic laziness.

Our Little World said...

That is funny about the Rice a Roni! I just saw your Seattle post! Sweet! We've been wanting to go there FOREVER! It is still a big possibility we'll move there. I didn't know Brandon got remarried and you guys got to go! That is awesome. We are very, very happy for him too!