Saturday, February 7, 2009

Inverview with mini vampire

Today I will be interviewing the infamous, Jado. This interview will hopefully prepare me for the interview tomarrow with his father, the vampire.
Me: Jaden, how's 1st grade going?
Jaden: Good
Me: What's your favorite part of 1st grade?
Jaden: Uh, computer lab, we getta play games and watch cat videos.
Me: Cat Videos huh? Nice. Is your teacher mean to you?
Jaden: No, I like her, I don't know why.
Me: Name a few of your girlfriends.
Jaden: I don't have girl friends, you have to be SIXTEEN!
Me: Wow, good boy, you are listening at church. What else do you learn at church?
Jaden: I forgot
Me: Perfect! Are you excited about Saturday morning breakfast?
Jaden: What is it?
Me: Think about it, you know, you've been dancing and talking about it all morning
Jaden: Is it pie and ice cream?
Me: yes! Are you excited?
Jaden: Yea, maybe it'll taste good like hot chocolate
Me: How do you feel about this picture?

Jaden: Good (laughing histerically)
Me: Can I show it to your girlfriends when you turn 16?
Jaden: NO!
Me: Why not?
Jaden: then I will have too much girlfriends
Me: true, very true. What do you think about Kamryn?
Jaden: she is sick! She's nice though.
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Jaden: A writer
Me: What do you wanna write?
Jaden: Pictures and books
Me: Sounds good. Well, we need to wrap this up and get to that RAW pie and ice cream (haha), what do you think about your mom?
Jaden: She's a good girl, and she's hot.
Me: Atta boy!


Jessica said...

That was way cute!

buba's bodacious babe said...

Way to go mom! I love the pict... every mom needs one for later years.

LuAnne said...

The pic with the hat cracks me up! He's such a cute kid :)

LuAnne said...
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