Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy birthday Ma!

Today is my ma's 40th birthday. Haha, ok, well, add a few years.

So I'm going to take this time to name off my 10 favorite things about her!!!
Let's start with the most important...
1. She did a fantastical job at raising 5 girls. I'm having a hard time with 1, but she did 5! And we all turned out somewhat ok. Kudos ma!

2. She's the best at getting things done. Sometimes she likes to pretend like she doesn' t like it and maybe sometimes she doesn't, but no one is better than ma at being in charge of activities/events/projects and getting them done perfectly!

3. She's a great grandma...not really great, but REALLY GREAT! The kids love grandma. Kam's favorite thing in the world is when Grandma invites us to go shopping with her. They beg to stay the night at grandma and grandpas because grandma makes "the best breakfasts".

4. She married her high school sweetheart and stuck it out. That's good. They're the best mom and dad ever (I've got MANY that will attest to that)

5. She's great at helping me with whatever wacky project I have going on. Decorating the kids cakes, making 4 million fabric pumpkins, painting something, canning, cooking, whatever! Which brings me to #6

6. She's the best cook in the world. From our first day of marriage until this last week, I call her at least once a week to ask her how she makes something, or what I should do with whatever meal I really screwed up. She's the mormon Paula Deen!

7. She always tells me, "just read your scriptures and say your prayers and you'll be fine". to whatever problem I have. I had some crazy anxiety during the elections and I'd talk to my dad who knows all that's going on in politics and mom wouls just say, "just read your scriptures and say your prayers and you'll be fine". Gotta love that!

8. She's sassy! You all wonder where I get my! She dont' put up with no one's crap! That's a good thing ma...not a sissy! She's still the nicest lady in the world, but if someone is messing with her, she'll let em know. She must be better at it than me though because this whole little town still loves her. I know I've already got people talking.

9. She's really great at taking care of my dad and us girls. I remember in HS I felt like ma was always down with the girls and dad and I were always at pizza hut for dinner, but now I know why, I think I need my mom just as much now as I did then. I'm glad she was able to help all of my sister and myself while we've had our babies. But she still knows when to say, "I've gotta go home, I miss your dad". I know Mr. G's appreciates the nights mom's gone, but I know dad doesn't. She's a great wife!

10. She LOVES me. I know it's been hard for her. She started off with 4 girly girls that liked sports, boys, cheerleading, giggling, and shopping. Then she had me. Played varsity ball for 3 years then got tired of it and wanted to play JV, but they wouldn't let me, so I quit (my mom was NOT happy), shopped only at thrift stores (gagged ma), made fun for cheerleaders, the gigglers, and liked boys, just not enough to do anything about it. I drove her nuts! And she'll admit it, but she still loved me, and look, it all turned out ok. I still play vball every week, I married a boy, I love to shop, but I do still make fun of giggly girls and dislike cheerleaders. But we just don't discuss that. LOVE YOU LOTS MA!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!


Down Home Happiness said...

I will attest she is wonderful! I love mothers, she's great! Wish her a happy one for me, you know the sixth daugther.

Burgess said...

Hatch moms rule!!

Lisa said...

I thought she was only 29! Hope she had a wonderful birthday. She has always been alot of fun love her tons!

alison said...

Oh I love your mom, I don't really know her, but reading your posts I feel like I do, she is amazing!

Vonda said...

Nice post, she is SUPER mom! I love the pictures, where did you take those? I wont tell breea you dont like giggly girls, and so happy you like boys now.