Sunday, February 8, 2009

Interview with a vampire part III...

So the last interview with a vampire had quite a bit of sarcasm, spite, and just plain out meanness. I've been waiting for a Sunday that I'm in a good mood to do part III, but we're realizing, it may never happen, so here we go anyway. Please keep in mind, I LOVE Jason, and he puts up with me, so we're happy, don't worry!!!!

K: Jase, how were your feelings towards me after the last honest?
J: I take the 5th.
K: That's dumb, and not honest
J: That I really do love you and I will never win an argument
K: Did we argue?
J: Just about the whole house thing.
K: Yea, you're right, you'll never win that argument because I'm 100% right, and always will be. Alright, to the 1st picture. This was our first week of marriage. Which makes me early on did you know that you wanted out?
J: What do you mean it was awesome. I loved having your whole family around.
K: As witnesses?
J: As wittnesses, what does that mean though?
K: As witnesses to the domestic violence that YES, did start back then braindead!
K: Forget it, seriously BRAIN DEAD!
J: Dont' get it

K: Will you buy me this ring?

J: It's pretty.

K: Now we're going to talk about times of past. REmember that girl with the big butt that you dated before we got engaged?
J: We didn't date we just played raquetball.
K: Ok, anyway, her name was Augusta, and I remember we ran into her when we were going camping, how bad did you want her that day?
J: Not at all.
K: Ok, this interview is based on lies everyon, based ON LIES!
Ok, how about how badly you wanted KT Cox? You can't deny that one. It's in your freaking journal!!!!! I know I was your 2nd choice because right after the journal entry, she started dating who is now her eternal companion. Sad?
J: Since when has a girl dating somebody every stopped me.
K: What? You man whore! What are you talking about, she wasn't interested in you AT ALL! You didn't stand a chance...that's all I'm asking...sad you couldn't get her?
J: If she was really the one I wanted I would have persued it more, I never persued it all beyond a motorcycle ride.
K: Whatever, you are soo cocky, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth, ok, a lot, hold on, I'll be right back.....
Over yourself???
J: Yea
K: Ok, now on to my past mistakes. Most of them were your friends, but let's get straight to the one that drives you the most crazy knowing that I kissed him...and I liked it....what goes through your head when you see this picture.....

J: hahaha...put hahaha, cause that's all I can do.
K: wow, deep. Thanks
Ok now, for the sake of the children, let's dig a little deeper into the brain of Dr. J.L. Mulder (sounds more professional when you use letters instead of the real name). When you leave in the morning, or shoudl I say, escape, and you are walking to work, or, when you are walking home after work, knowing what awaits you at home...what do you think about on those 3 block walks???
J: Honestly on my way to work I usually try to think about the things I'm grateful for and on the way home I try to let my mind sort through the things at work so I can ease my mind by the time I get home.
K: Ah, what a champ. Is that something you learned from your Covey tapes?? Anyway, what are some of the things you're grateful for...some of the ones that pop into your amazing mind more days that others.
J: Yes, Covey and others. But some of the things that come to mind are my healthy happy family and always the sunrise and just many amazing things that have happened in my life that got me where I am.
K: Ok, so you say always the sunrise...but not an always before family. Why don't you marry the sunrise next time!
Ok, now onto the new drama that I've taught you about. You come from 4 smelly boys and I come from 5 prissy girls. Boys talk maybe once a month, and see each other maybe once a year, and no harm done. Girls, talk every week (or e mail) and see each other at least once a month, and still feel like it's not enough. What are some of the things you've learned from my awesome amazing wonderful family?
J: I almost said somethign I'd really get in trouble for.
J: Patience
K: Oooh, so good. Wow, that's great. You're retarded. Seriously, you are.
J: No, seriously, I really do love your sisters. And it's good for me to see how sisters relate so I can know better how to relate to my daughters.
K: My sisters rule, and you know that in the past couple of years your brothers have taught me as much patience that my sisters have taught you!!!! You stink, next question....

K: You may have noticed a significant weight gain in your eternal companion in the past 6 months. So sad. Really, so sad. Is there any possible way you could maybe put on 5 or 10lbs to make her feel better?
J: I'll work on it again this week, P90X baby.
K: Lame..seriously, yes I want you to get more ripped as I get more fat..yes, that's what i was asking.

K: Well, I do beleive it's time to wrap this up, just a couple more questions. What's your favorite pre-marriage memory with me?
J: Probably our many drives in the glass van. And trips to Sedona and NM and Flagstaff and the fun we had on those trips and our funny conversations and the occasional make outs.
K: Yea, it used to be good back then, didn't it? Alright, what's your favorite memory of our first year of marriage?
J: Although it may sound retarded, the accident.
K: Yea that was fun.
J: Wait, I wasn't done, because it was an immediant end to all of our obnoxious fights over the meaningless things.
K: Yea, glad I could do that for us. Easy! Well, as always it's been great talking with you, now you've got a sink full of dishes to clean and probably a puddle of pee (Boston is potty training...again).
If a Sunday comes that I'm in a good mood, we'll do a part IV...for now, deal with my attitude...Jase does!


AudyCamp said...

K I want that ring too...where do I have my husband find it for Valentines DAy?? ya right... But anyways I love your new temple photos that you edited. Can I buy one from you... like a big one?

Kristal said...

no, you can't, but I'll e mail them to you right now and you can blow them up yourself. My sister Vonda blew one up huger than anything I've ever seen. It takes up a good part of her wall. She can't afford for me to sign it though, I think she's saving up. haha! I'll e mail you right now.

The Fish Family said...

I wish that I could move up there right now and go and play ball with you all the time because nobody here does anything and it is driving me nuts!! I was not made for this town even though I have enjoyed it while we have been here I am ready for a move. Hopefully, I pray, it comes sooner rather than later. Pray for us and for my sanity!!

buba's bodacious babe said...

ok, wher can I see these pictures of the temple? My brotha' is always lookin for a good one. ANd yorui interviews always make me smile. Good job!

buba's bodacious babe said...
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Vonda said...

I am hoping you'll sign in when I get it into a frame and mat I love. What about us girls teaches him patience, I dont get it. Is it patience that someday he might get 4 more daughters??? Ah, he should be so lucky:-)