Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mar. 17 2008K: Chompy, my mom said if you be mean to me, we'll put you in your place.

Mar. 16 2008J: Dad, let's go buy some gas to go 4 wheeling.Dad: It's Sunday buddy, we don't buy stuff on Sunday.J:Well, let's go steal some then.

Feb. 21 2008K: Can somebody help? There's a noxious baby here!!!

Pretty much Everyday for the past 2 months (1/30/08)K: "I don't have to listen to NOBODY! Nobody is my boss!"

Valentines Day 2008Dad: I think that's cool that you get to take valentiens to everyone in your class. Is there someone special that you're going to take one to?J: I don't want to talk about it.Dad: What's her name?J: Kinsley

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