Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A few more pics

Here is a pic from our girls trip! I love these girls! There was a Danica, Brittny and, crap, brittny's sister in law, forgot her name, but it was fun! WE need to do it more often.ANd this is a shot of our end of the table from the family dinner...yes I look rough, it was a chaotic day filled with running from one place to another, I forgot to look in a mirror that day...obviously. WE got a nice story at our end about how danica and brennon are crushing each other's dreams (not really, but cute story)


Tamee said...

So sad that I wasn't there. Looks like fun.

dani said...

Were sad you wern't there too Tam!

Brennon is my dream crusher/reality checker.

My arm is the size of Texas in that picture.

Unknown said...

OK when did Brennon take over my title of Dream crusher/reality Checker??? I have a blog I havent posted about it, but if he gets the title now - I'll let him have it. And your arms are the perfect size. Missed you Tamee and Kristal, your hair looked great that night, I promise.

The Fish Family said...

YOUR husband told me about your little adventure through Jerome. Crazy little place. I haven't really gone and explored it yet but I think that it would definitely be a memorable experience. Ya know, we live very close to Jerome so if you go let me know and we can go get some dinner at The Tavern, which is extremely yummy!! Thanks for the fun vball. You are awesome and it was fun playing with you. Hope you have a great day and by the way, you are looking hot mama!!