Thursday, January 29, 2009

a HUGE slacker

So remember how every couple of months for the whole past year I was trying to do the ole "3 things I'm grateful for" list and I'm on again off again? Well, I figure that's better than a constant off again, so here goes again.
1. I'm grateful for 3 perfect kids. I know, one second I'm freaking out with them, and the next I can't get enough of them. But for the past month we've been slowly reading our love and logic book that we re read every year or so, and during the time that we're reading it, things really do just fall into place as a family...we need to read it year round. It's been so fun and happy around here lately. I'm also grateful that they love sleeping on the same bed. It's all we've got for them since Jaden gave his if anyone knows of a killer deal on a killer wooden bunk bed...LMK. 2. I'm grateful that this kid hasn't learned that he doesn't have to jump up and hug me and kiss me after EVERY diaper change. He's been doing it for about a year now...and so I get hugs and kisses..>I mean, MONKEY wrap the legs around my waist type hugs, a few times a day!

3. I'm grateful to have my parents right here. It's so nice when they drop in just to chat and play with the kids. The kids LOVE when they see grandma's car in the driveway or when they see Grandpa walking by or feeding the chickens. And we asked Jaden who he wants to stay with this weekend...and of all of his friends here, he chose Grandma & Grandpa.
4. I'm grateful to have really fun and funky sisters. I look at some people that are blessed to have sisters, but then I look at how not cool their sisters are (you all know who you are), and I'm even more grateful that mine are the coolest. Full of fun ideas, funky dances, hand me down clothes, or hand me down "stufff I don't like but you might like" stuff, and full of great ideas on how to straighten up my kids. They're the best! (sorry about the picture, it was the first one I came across with all of us in it...8 years old)

5. And my last thing for today's grateful list is Jase's job. It's been so hard lately to watch so many of our friends struggle to find new jobs after being laid off. I wish there was more we could do for them. I've been worried about Jase making a living in such a small town since the get go, but then to have the finaicial disaster that is going on in the country, we are SO blessed to have a steady, growing business. I know he's the best chiropractor in the state (along with brett and trevor..haha), but to have ANY business suceed in Joseph City? He's amazing. Love you punk!
Oh, and I've had about 543 requests for another interview with a vampire. We'll get to it when we get back next week. Hopefully I'll be in a better mood. Jase's mood NEVER changes. (thank goodness)


Shandi said...

I was thinking about your request for a bunk bed. Sadly I don't have one to offer you. But there is this store here in Winslow that has used furniture. I know that they have bunk beds there and they are priced pretty good. It is right next to Wild Styles. On um.....I think third street. Any ways I hope that this will help you out. Good luck.

Our Little World said...

We are reading Love and Logic for the Early years (birth to 6 years old) and LOVE IT!

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

I love that Boston gives you a hug and kiss after every diaper change! Its the little things like that that make being a mom awesome! My boys have me "tuck them up" every night with a hug and a kiss and I hope they never grow out of it because I'm sure I'd cry for a week!

Shandi said...

The dorms here in winslow are getting everything new. They are selling bunk beds for 20 bucks. I think that they are metal though. But hey thats a good deal.

Miken Harding said...

Great list! Love all the pictures-way to save mega bucks with coupons! Nice trip to Vegas, someday we will get to go on a vacation...almost all the way debt free then we can celebrate!!! Just paid Phil's student loan off!

Kristal said...

haha, yea, we obviously don't wait to be debt free before partying. We'll have school debt for another year or two...we can't put off life until then.
Shandi, thanks fo rthe info. We'll go check em out. We might have to do metal til we can afford the wooden one I want. I'm super picky, we've been looking for 3 years...haha