Monday, January 5, 2009

Helping with YOUR resolutions?

Ok, so I have two great programs to possibly help with everyone's new years resolutions. You've gotta have either "lose weight" or "save $$" on your list of resolutions. First off, is of coarse another go round of the biggest loser. Andthis time, I'm in it to win it! (last time my starting weight was the same as my ending!), but here's the info on it:

Biggest Loser Post Holiday Challenge 2009
Beginning January 9th-March 6th8 weeks long
$25 to join (goes into the pot)
1st, 2nd and 3rd place $ prize
Losing 10% of your starting weight gets you $10 back
Winners determined by % lost of starting weight
Weekly weigh ins (on honor system) every Friday.
You can also join without paying the $25, but you will not be eligable for the prize $$ or the weekly challenge prize.You can also join without paying, you just won't be in it for the $ For more info, and to join e mail Kristal @

Alright, and second...COUPON SENSE!!!! It's great! My sister Vonda just taught me about it and in half a month I saved over $100 on our grocery bill!!!!! It takes almost a month to get your coupon stash up...and January is the best month for that because they put a lot more coupons in the papers this month. go to to check it out...but you can't see how the deals are made w/o joining. It's nice because you can plan your weekly menu, then type in the foods you need for it, and it will tell you where the best deals are for it, and i fyou have coupons for it. Even for produce and meats, it will tell you where the deals are...or you can do what I do and check it every week to see where the FREE stuff is. You will never pay for toliet paper, shampoo, most make up, dedoerant or toothpaste again. Anyway, if you join, don't sign up through the wbsite, call my sister Vonda. She's an instructor and she's the best! seriously. (no matter where you live) because she's a pro and has killer newsletters with extra tips in it. And if you live in JC and want to, and we can make bi monthly trips to flagstaff to grocery shop together...haha! But you still do save a lot with just bashas, walmart and safeway...they do quadruple and triple coupons a lot. Anyway, e mail if you wanna join under Vonda
yea, ok, so I haven't saved as much as this lady, but give me a couple of months. From the people I know that do it, you do save $200-$400 a month on groceries (including diapers, and tolietres ((sp)). Think about it ladies, that's a atrip to disneyland every month! Let's do it!


Burgess said...

This is amazing. I seriously want to do it. Plus it would force me to cook, since you have to put in your meal plan (so I would actually have to make a plan more than 20 minutes before dinner time).

Ashley and Matt Marx said...

I love coupon sense I have been doing it for 2 months and saving tons plus I think it is so fun to save money.

Reina said...

I love couponsense I have been doing it for 6 years and have tons of free stuff and save lots of money.