Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another lil priesthood holda....

This past weekend we went down to the valley because my nephew Preston got the priesthood. It was one of the sweetest ordinations I've ever been to. Other than the super smelly boy I had to hold while standing up WAY in the back. Sam did an awesome job, and I stayed composed til I saw the sweet little guy (Preston, not Sam) wiping tears away when he stood up then their ward does something really sweet and before he shakes everyone's hands in the circle, he has to go give his mom a hug. That was really sweet.
Then after the ordination, the party began at the Bollwinkles. It starting with the prepping of food, and the ugly faces..... Then the children playing and happy faces....

Then the boys arguing about who would beat who in a wresting match since Jamison now out weighs Jase....Jase won...I was going for Jami of coarse. Next time dude...next time. Stick with the protien shakes.
Then the food was ready and it was time for prayer. I wish I didn't blow out this picture, and I wish I didn't catch them both blinking, but what can ya do?

Then after eatting and chit chatting for a while, I had Bet open her Christmas gift from, Dani, Kayla and myself...yay!!! Um, but Bet, don't look at the naked boobie pictures in there...color over them! And Paula, I had no idea...sorry.

Then Grandpa played Horse with all the grandsons...after killing Jamison at it (Jami was just having an off day)

This is just one of the cutest kids ever.

Bet and her man Brian. Love em both!

These two are best buddies. My kids always go through cousin withdrawls when we leave, but Jaden talks about Garrett for days.

And this was a darling picture I took of the hot Caitee as we were driving off. She even makes the helmet look hot!


Amy John said...

Um, your neice Caitee is so freaking hot. Just FYI

Kourtney Dawn said...

how come everyone in your family looks like a freakin supermodel, or is that just your awesome picture takin sills!!