Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An amazing Saturday.

Everytime we go to the valley our Saturdays are NUTS! Seriously NUTS! This Saturday was no different, it was amazing. We started the day with Dani, McKenna and I hitting the major Fry's sale. We were side by side at the register to see who could save the most. And of coarse, I won...haha, no but it's just because I had more coupons than her. I saved 80% on my first order, and over 100% on my second (I got paid) yay!!!! only $20 for each cart pictured...amazing!
Then Kayla and I went to get our awesome toenails done, and yes, I look gross and she looks amazing. She always looks amazing...blah!
So amazing that I set her up with the most amazing guy I know...a surprise picture obviously...out of focus. THis was our second dinner (our first was with a bunch of fun HS friends and their families at the CHeesecake factory in Chandler) at the CHeesecake Factory on Superstition....yum, cheesecake factory twice...too bad I'm on another stupid stupid diet. Will you all still love me if I get fat agaiN? Say yes, this sucks!
At CHeesecake factory we had about an hour wait, so when we finally got in, we decided to try out our sexy poses...here are mine and Vonda's.....

Sexy right? Now here's Bill and Jase's....sexy?

The waiter brought a HUGE piles of folded napkins for Boston to sleep on because he was asleep on the booth seat. Boston didn't like them, but Bill did....
We were goign out for Paula's birthday and our waiter looked just like Kato Caylen (sp)...this picture doesn't do him justice...he has beautiful frosted wavey hair...but he tucked it behind his ears...bummer. Thanks Kato.

Awesome Saturday ya'll!


Lisa said...

Hey we had the waiter and he does look like him. He is a great waiter... Or maybe he was trying to pick up on Kassi and her friends. Looks like you had a great Saturday... And all the money you saved at the store you got to spend at the Cheesecake Factory!!!!

Down Home Happiness said...

What a cute boy you got there! He's super cool.

Staci said...

Wow sounds like a fun Saturday! What did you end up eating at the Cheesecake Factory?