Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm rich!

Ok, so not really rich, but saved enough to buy lots of new shirt haha! I have to share

I paid $10.10 for:
5- 64oz bottles of juice (different kinds, ocean spray, mott's, juicy juice) (coupon, plus extra savings for juice purchase)
1- large box of ziploc gallon freezer bags (weren't on sale, but needed and had coupon)
1- quart of half and half (didn't have a coupon)
3- boxes of Reynold's aluminum foil (free)
3- bottles of garnier fructic shampoo and conditioner (free)
3- bottles of soft soap hand soap (.30 each)
3- Johnson and Johnson buddy bath bars (free)

crap, and there was one other thing. But seriously, I would have paid more than that for the juice alone! I was soo excited!!! That was just between two stores. Albertson's had the major deals this week, but my grocery list is too long...just know I saved over $64 and paid only $44. I love coupon sense. It was really fun too. Jase even admitted he liked it. And I just brought my coupon clip list and clipped them on the way to flag, spent about an hour and a half shopping between 4 stores (2 were by each other and the other 2 were right by each other) then another 2 hours shopping for fun stuff with the $$ saved! I love it! I just had to case this is a phase...I'll laugh reading about it later. haha!


Bailey's said...

I did Coupon Sense when we lived in AZ and loved it! It was a little work-but so worth it when you got such good deals. I'm jealous!!

dani said...

My mom wanted me to write... "How can getting free stuff be a phase?!"

That is all.

Jana said...

That is great. I love using coupons. I have a book called "Coupon Mom" and I love it. Weird but I do. With a big family like mine I have to use q-pons or else I don't get any play money for that week. Great Job!!! Its fun too.

Jessica said...

i love saving money at the grocery store because its soooo friggin expensive.. I hate grocery shopping!