Thursday, January 8, 2009

3 educated wishes....

3 areas I wish I were more educated on are: doubt! Seriously, I'm horrible at it. I wish the Love and Logic people would get up here and teach a class or something. For now, Jase and I are re-reading the book....can anyone else suggest an amazing parenting book that isn't too long...and preferably has some pictures...haha! No, but seriouly, any suggestions? #2 Auto Mechanics! I'd love to know how to fix this thing. I'm always jealous of girls that know that stuff, especially hot girls that would never need to know it because anyone would fix their car for free. But I just wanna know so that if I get stuck in the middle of the reservation at 10pm at night, and we STILL don't have our on star hooked up and I STILL don't have cell phone, ah, but I have a flashlight...soI can fix it. Yes, that would be nice.

#3. You may think I'm crazy on this one, and that it's not a big deal, but it is. I want to be more educated on.....Dressing for my body type!!! Silly, I know, but just think, if you knew EXACTLY what looked good on you, you'd feel soo much sexier when you go out. I'm not talking, "oh I only look good in boot cut jeans with a medium rise in a dark wash". I'm talking the whole shabang! You know what belts to wear wih what cardigans, and which shoes will best make your calves not look as big as your thighs (big issue with me). Anyway, I'd love to know this stuff.
Now I'd like to share 3 things I wish I WEREN'T so educated on...or I wish I didn't know
Pictures will NOT be shared for good reason
#1. I wish our guy that brings us eggs didn't tell us, "the hens have been bleeding a lot because of the protien feed we have them on. They're eggs are too big for them". Thanks dude, that's gross!
#2. I wish I didn't know that Boston drank Jaden's pee out of a play construction hat.
#3. Prepare yourselves. This is the worst. I wish I didn't know that it's actually good for the baby to get fecal matter on it at birth and that the doctors shouldn't wipe it away til after the baby is fully born. I wish I didn't know that. I really wish I didn't know that.

Alright, now 3 things I wish people would educate themselves on and not be so trusting of media, their doctors, and their peers.
#1. Artifical sweetners. Most of you already steer clear of these suckas, but if something was used to kill people in war, and now we are allowing small doses of it in these...that should be your red flag right there. Plus, if you do your does put less calories in your bodies, but it makes your body crave more. Hmmm. Interesting.
#2 I will not be showing a picture of this one either, cause uh, I don't know why. But IUD's! Research them! Sadly Iwaited til it was too late. I had one, and of coarse my body was the 1 in 1000 to reject it, so I bled...A LOT, then got it out, then researched it.....haha, I just had it put i because my gyno said how amazing it is. But when I researched it, I found out two things I didn't like about it. And remember people, this is MY OPINIONS...and in the words of my ever infamous blog stalker hater "are you and your friends REALLY that retarded?", only me and a few of my friends. But here are the things I dislike about the IUD that I wish I would have been told by my gyno. 1. the way it works is by scratching up the walls of your uterus, iritating them enough to swell...which of coarse is not good. And my 2nd complaint about the IUD's is that it allows the sperm and egg to unite...which in my eyes is the beginnings of a baby. It jus doesn't allow the egg to attach to the uterus wall. So I kinda felt like I was killing the beginnings of a lot of babies. But again, just me. But still, a metal object up there, irritating the walls of your uterus???? Doesn't seem right. haha!

And my final object that I wish more people would research....prescription medications. Fortunately I have seen more and more people start researching and turning away from these, but stil I see so many just do em cause their doctors are being paid to tell them to...and sady, they, or even worse, their kids have to suffer the effects of them (NOT side effects). Another thing I experienced on my own. Jaden was on antibiotics from 3 months to 2 year, almost constantly, one thing would lead to another, ear infections, fevers, flu, everything, so we just kept the antibiotics and baby tyenol going. Then, when we started researching what exactly all of those things are doing to him, we realized, we're keeping him sick. We took him off, found some different ways to help him, and he hasn't been on any of that since...along with our other two. I wish we would have researched it earlier....and not just the brochures and website that the pharmaceutical companies pay for. (which is a lot) But as a disclaimer...I will say, there is defaintey a time and place for extreme conditions...but they are defiantely being over prescribed.

And finally 3 things I wish WE were all more educated on (they sound like Jeopardy Challenges):
1. reacurring disasters throughout history. Just seems like it'd be handy to stop making the same mistakes...I'm talking about everything from global situations to inside the home disasters.

2. families, just seems like if we knew more about them, we'd realize how important they are.
3. the gospel, could you imagine? yea, pretty great right?
Ahh, and I will now be stepping off of my soap box. Feel free to voice your opinions on the subjects spoken of...just don't call me and ALL of my friends retarded!


alison said...

Nice post Kristal. Do you know SKyler has been antibiotic free for over 2 years now. Kenz has had them once in the past year, but it was an extreme case that had to be taken care of soon. So are you proud? My kids used to get em all the time, but no more. So is SPlenda an artificial sweetener? I thought it was just sugar with the bad stuff taken out! Anyways, you're awesome and hope things are going good!

buba's bodacious babe said...

Way to go super mom! You are a lot harder on yourself than you should be. I think you are a super mom doing the best you can with your little hellions. No seriuosly, you're awesome! And don't worry about the whole drinking pee thing, it is sterile! I had a very umpleasant experience with that myslef and didn't die, but that's for another time. I agree about the antibiotic thing, I have seen the difference it can make with kids. And sadly yes, I wich I knew how to dress for my body type as well. Unfortunatelt sweats and t-shirts are not the most flattering for my body type, but they are SO comfortable!

kristal said...

Ali, Splenda is an artifical sweetner. Go to that link on my side bar about why my husband doesn't let the kids eat sugar. (haha, that'd be a miracle). It talks more about it. Spelnda IS sugar, but it's chemically altered so that your body doesn't see it as a sugar (which sadly, IS better for you than artifical sweetners, but not good for you still, of coarse). Your body reacts to artifical sweetners as if they were chemicals because of that. They are especially bad for kids because they kill brain cells, and kids are still forming brain cells at a rapid rate, plus it's not their choice. Make sense? Sorry, I'm soo opinionated on this, I try to hold back a bit (seriously I am)

j&krosser said...

Good post. I need help with the first three so when you get some answers pass them along. And the IUD thing- glad to hear that actually. My gyno was pushing me to do it and I didn't feel right so everytime I hear stories it helps me feel better about my choice.

Bailey's said...

Okay-the egg thing is disgusting!!! About the sugar thing-wish I had more I'm reading your blog with my big Dr. Pepper sitting here. I'm with you on the IUD-never had one but so many docs push them without telling people how they really work. And explain about the fecal matter on babies? I've never heard that view before?

Laura said...

I don't think it would be so bad if our kids hung out. That way we could take shifts driving by the bleachers of the high school to see which ones were smoking weed or making out with drunk cowboys.

I too wish I was educated about what looks good on my body type. I see so many women who look great in their clothes no matter what size they are. And I agree about the over medication thing but I do have to say that I love my prescription of Propranolol for headaches because it sure beats the heck out of squeezing my head in a vice.

The Sanderson Family said... know why I will never have an IUD? Because that is how I got pregnant with Brock! IUD's suck!!