Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vegas '09

So you all know we go to Vegas once a year with the Johns. This year was fantastic! not my favorite seminars, but good times with the Johns. The first night we got there at 9ish or 10ish, I can't remember. Anything after 8 and I'm gone. And we just walked around a bit, ate an amazing burger and AMAZING shake at BLT (which is where the little white tiger used to be, go there) then we went ot bed. The next day we had to do seminars all day..blah. Then we went and got Travis and Amy and went to The Melting Pot...the 2nd best fondue place in the world (shout out to Simply Fondue!) We had to sit at seperate tables for 2 reasons. 1. becaues we had gift certificates and you could only use one per table, and 2. because Amy wanted to be romantic with Travis...haha! But we were right by each other, so no big deal. and yea, I don't know why I look dead. I had no idea that's what I looked like...sad.
Then the same thing the next day seminar after seminar, after stinking seminar. Usually I love going to Parker seminars, but this year, there were only 2 of the 9 talks that I liked...oh and Suzanne Sommers. She's a wack. Then we walked around the strip with the Johns...see....

The next night we went to New York New York and tested a few things at the arcade....

Girls Rule...she won.

This is a game Amy has mastered. She gets 250 tickets when she plays it. Pretty sweet.

Again, I look dead, and my nose looks like michael jacksons here. Sorry.

Then we went to a really funny caveman show. It was so funny because it was soo true. Amy's favorite was when he talked about how women get into bed with cold feet and then put them on their husband's feet or legs to warm them up and how mean that is. We both did that the night before. haha! Who doesn't though? Don't these 2 look like the poster?
Then we got a picture with this super short queen lady. I mean yea, Amy is six foot, and I'm five ten and we both wore heels, but sheesh, short queen!

And I'm sure there were lots of really fun details that I'm missing but I suck at blogging, so deal with this for now!


Our Little World said...

Ok, so my first thought wasn't "Kristal looks dead" it was "Kristal looks great and why is Jase opening his eyes so wide?". Glad you had fun w/your friends. Why is Suzanne Summers whack?

Amy John said...

K so I miss Vegas. I want to go again. That was really fun and the show was pretty farney.