Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here it is

Ok, I have hidden from the camera nicely this go round.  But I figured it's my last, I may as well show how humongous I am since hopefully I'll NEVER EVER weigh 215 again!  EVER!  EVERRRR!!!!!
oh my gosh!  And WHITE.  I haven't seen the sun in almost a year.  And wow, this pregnancy took my lips.  That's sexy.  But yes, I stick out about 4" in front.  It's fun.  I hit it on things a few times a day.  one more month!    (oh, and this may be the top I'll be wearing when it comes out....if I deliver in the tub at the hospital)


Elissa said...

soo lovely :) im glad you took a some pictures. you look great. cant wait to meet her!

Anonymous said...

So cute Kristal, I want x-ray vision so I can just peek at her. That sounds creepy, but how amazing to think a little baby is curled up there in your belly. Oh and you look amazing, your arms are still small, and your face looks so good, I always get massive double chins on top of my double chins, you don't even have 1!!!