Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Focusing on the things I like...

I really like this website.  Lunches are my hardest thing to figure out.  We're doing a lot of salads right now, but my kids get burned out on salads after 2 days in a row, so I need a few things to throw in there each week and this site is a HUGE help. I love love love it!!!!

Ok, I'm getting a girl. I love fat little girl feet in cute little sandals! Especially when they start walking.  Mmm, so cute...and red?  YES!
 Speaking of cute shoes, I've been so in love with these boots for oh, 4 months now. I really thought they'd find a way (via husband) under my tree this year, but they didn't, but I'm not giving up on them! They will be mine, oh yes, they WILL be mine!!!!

I know this one has made a lot of my "love lists" but I love pumpkin pie!

These bags! I need to order some.  Or just go get some.  JC Penny's had them at Christmas time and I'm so dumb I didn't get em.  I think they're hilarious! and gross, but more hilarious.

My stinking sisters. I love them.  I love that we have each other to vent to, and to learn from and to share exciting news with and to help each other out...which I've sucked at these last few months, but I'd be seriously DEAD if I didn't have my sisters down here.
 And yea, ok, this one is weird, but I LOVE Harkin's Loyalty shirts.  Popcorn is probably my favorite part about the movies, even more than the movies most of the time....and we've never had our OWN loyalty shirt...>TIL NOW!  Someone put one on our Facebook group out here for $25...couldn't resist.  We have 2 movie passes, a loyalty shirt and an outback gift card....I think we MAY just get our date this week!!!!!!

And right now, we're doing our usual start of the year no sugar and no dairy, and I got a subscription to Whole Living magazine for $3 a year...and it's SO helpful right now.  This month is of coarse about a cleanse and new healthy diets, and it's just so much better than the stupid Shape and Self magazines that I've gotten for years (and still do) that talk about whatever is paying for the, healthy milk, drug ads, etc....  I love that it has REAL healthy recipes, instead of just ones that are low calorie, but full of junk.  
 I LOVE cabbage right now.  All of my kids love it, Jase and I love and it's so easy to make.  WE have at least one head of cabbage a week.  Either in our shakes or cooked.  WE're all great at eating any fruit, but when it comes to veggies, all of my kids like different ones, but broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage always make the list for everyone!  OH, and asparagus of coarse.
 and of coarse, I LOVE my niece Danica right now.  She's super super crafty, skilled and has one perfect baby, so she has time to teach the less crafty. I LOVE that she has helpled me with so many of my "projects" since I've moved here, and that she has fanastic taste to help me with my nursery next week that I'm slightly depressed about since it's in a tiny dark room.  But we're going to make it lovely!


dani said...

YES! I made the list!! Although I really haven't helped you very much, just that stinking rug. And I'm really not all that crafty- you have WAY more sewing skills than me. But I can't wait to spoil baby Stella with millions of hair things. And so excited to do the nursery! Oh and those little red shoes- ah-mazing.

Kristal said...

um, and painting my kitchen.....and those stockings.....and helping me figure out this big wall in the living room.....and with the fabric me, there's a lotto things yo've helped me with.