Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just move on, will ya?!

OK, so I thought maybe my blog really was just being read by me and Jase, but I get a few comments every week from people who have read I guess no one comments anymore...too busy commenting on FB....which is part of my new years resolutions this year (next post)  But today I had to go through a BUNCH of old pictures to find pictures of Pearcen's old baby bedding so I could list it on craigslist and I came across so many pictures that made me cry.  Most everyone knows I'm stuck in Jo city. I was so happy there.  The home I designed and LOVE LOVE LOVED, land, chickens, knowing everyone, tiny school, no traffic, SEASONS and my favorite kitchen EVER!  Here's a few.  These first 2 are ones that make me miss dressing cute.  The last few months of my pregnancies, and the first couple after, I dress so slobby and slouchy, just because of the uncomfortableness and hugeness.  When I come across pictures like these I feel even worse, but hopeful!
 I look like  gypsy in this one, but I miss being able to throw whatever on and not change a million times cause I feel super ugly and huge.  Someday...someday.
 I just have to remember that this was a year before those pictures...212.
 Ahh, and my kitchen sink. I loved it...and I SO loved baby Pearcen.  He's grown up faster than anyone!  It's insane! I hate that they grow!!!!
 This picture makes me miss my kitchen more than anything. i miss wanting to be in the kitchen, and coming up with fun projects for me and the kids to make in there.  Again...someday...someday.
 Ok, and I came across these pictures that never got posted of Kam's awesome dance recital!  She is adorable and did such a great job with her clogging.  She starts hip hop here in a few weeks.  We let them pick an activity to join if they kept their grades up, and of coarse, Kam kept straight A+'s...she's insane.  So she got to chose between hip hop, gymnastics, a sport or music (they'll all do piano anyway) and she picked hip did Boston, can't wait!


Jessica said...

Awwww! We miss you too Kristal! You'll be back before you know it!

The Glenns said...

You are going to love it here! Promise.

Kristal said...

I hope you're both right! ha. I've had a decade of city living and have never loved it, but I do love being so close to sisters and cousins and friends and yes, this ward is AMAZING!

Susannah said...

I like reading your blog...and I miss Jo City too!