Friday, January 20, 2012

So ready for another one!

Just found these pictures.  I can't wait to get another baby.  Not looking forward to delivery, after birth contractions, breastfeeding, and not sleep, but AM looking forward to cuddling a sweet, fat, little soft Mulder baby again.  This first pic is one of my favorites I ever took....makes me want my camera back so badly!  

And this one is my favorite picture that ANYONE has ever taken (Holly Brimhall).  It's the most perfect composition of the most perfect baby EVER!!!
Now if I can just get into the right state of mind to deliver this baby without getting hysterical (I kinda step out of my right mind during transition during labor, gotta get prepped).


Susannah said...

Those pictures are adorable!! It makes me excited too!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those pictures so much! You will do amazing as always during delivery, you are so freakin strong. Hopefully he won't be as big as your last and it won't take so long to heal. Are you going to go with an epidural this time, or go pain free? I still can't believe you were able to go natural, that is insane. Whatever you choose, you will do amazing and to think you will have another little princess bundle to snuggle, good luck my friend!