Tuesday, January 24, 2012

uh oh!!!!!

Ok, realizing I"M NOT ready for this baby.  Glad I'm realizing it now...while I still have 5 or 6 weeks. Just went to the dr. today...he informed me that my last ultra sound put my due date at Feb 28th...WHAT?!  That means another HUGE ole baby.  He said according to my measurements I'm due March 10th....but according to my cycle, I'm due March 4th.  UGH!  So anytime between Feb 28-March 10th...AHH!H!

Well, we fake register sometimes and we did it for a date last week.  It was fun, plus Target gives you a free "new baby" packet for registering with samples and coupons and crap.  But as we were registering, I realized we have no baby socks, no newborn diapers, no bath stuff, we don't own a pack n play anymore, can't find our bottles or boppy.  But I guess as long as we have blankets, a couple of newborn cloth diapers and if my milk makers work, we'll be ok for a while.

But as far as baby projects. oh my gosh!  Dani comes over and we get a lot done, but we never get anything done.  ha!  We are now 3/4 of the way done with the world's most cutest mobile and the baby quilt.  And I think Jase might help me prime the crib...that YES I AM painting white, then I can move Pearcen's dresser into the boys room and start loading this baby's dresser with her clothes and stuff...which I still need to clean and sort.  AH!

And as far as having the baby....I don't know how, obviously don't' know when, don't have a hospital bag packed or thought about...don't have a carseat out, haven't settled on a name.  Well, have, but just unsettled on it.  I found a "pin" on pineterst about a baby named Stella Grace, and about 6 or 7 people commented about how they just named their baby Stella Grace.  SERIOUSLY!/  So yea, I have another name that I might use..Jaden likes it, but Kam and Jason still want Stella.   And boston just said he wants stella so he can yell, "STTEEELLLAA" every time he talks to her.   Who knows.  UUUGGGHHH!

And we started potty training this week.  So far more pee in the toliet than in the underwear, but no intreats in pooping in the toliet...this is a must before this baby comes. I can't do 2 babies in clothe diapers, and I can't afford 2 in disposable.    And Pearce...ahh, Pearce, I never like when my baby isn't my baby anymore.  I like the new one, but I'm so sad for the last one.  Pearcen came to bed with us around 2 last night and I had J take him back to his room because I was having leg cramps, and then at 5 I saw that P had snuck in and slept on the side of my bed.  He was curled up in a ball, cold.  So I snagged him and he cuddled so close that I just watched him for a good hour before getting out of bed.  Mmm, I love him!

Time to start preparing...oh, and so time to start nesting this crazy messy house!

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