Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New years resolutions

Obviously I'm slacking on even setting new years resolutions, but I do think they help me every year, even though they're usually the same.  This year, I'm sticking with 5 big ones.

BE A BETTER MOM!  I've been so caught up in being depressed these last few months that I've been the laziest mom!   We never do anything fun. I miss it.   and I HAVe already started on this one.  We have library day, weekly lunch dates and a lot less TV.  ha.  My #1 goal in this category is to point out more positive.  It's so easy for me to get on the older 2 for the things they AREN"T supposed to do, but when they do awesome things, even if I do notice sometimes I stink at pointing them out.

BE A BETTER WIFE!  I am a sucky wife.  I suck at liking someone when I don't 'ike myself or don't like where I am in life.  So I kinda just treat J like another one of the kids...which most days is how it is anyway...I just need to clean up after him and feed him.  Luckily, he's potty trained.  But I need to give compliments, and care more about whatever is going on with him.  Again, be more positive with him. It's been hard with him starting so many new clinics these last few years, not only does it KILL our fiances for a whils till he builds them up, but he has NO time for me.  Any extra time goes straight to the kids, which is where I want it to go since there's so little, and since the kids are so little, but I miss us.

LOSE THIS WEIGHT!  Always a goal.  With how much I've been depressed this pregnancy, I've done A LOT of eating...bad eating.  I had a few horrible months at the beginning and these last 2 were bad. I've done better for a week and a half now, hopefully i can not gain anymore weight this go . And don't' worry, I know there are some that are saying I'm weight obsessed since I don't' want to gain weight during the last 2 months of a pregnancy, but I'm already up over 55, and my babies are always plenty big and plenty healthy.  So move along.  I'd like to be back into my 10's by my birthday in June. Wish my luck.  size 10 maternities got packed away about a month ago, so It's gunna be some work...especially since I've vowed to not cut calories if my milk goes down at all.  Since this is the last, I want to nurse her for at least 6 months.  Even if I end up back at the hospital a couple times a week like I did with Pearce.  I keep thinking I'll post a pic of me pg, but I take one, and then freak that I've put so much on. the next 7 weeks.  ugh

READ THE B OF M!  I was doing so well for a month or so, and now I'm back to thinking about it when I'm already laying in bed with the lights off at midnight.   I'm horrible. I don't know if it's the actual reading that makes my days go better, but I think it's knowing that I've done something that I should that helps me feel better. Like yesterday when I cut all the squares to a quilt, made curtains and did a killer crossfit workout, at the end of the day, I felt that I deserved that hour on the couch after the kids went to bed.  I really want to understand the scriptures better as well, now that my kids are understanding the stories more.  It's fun to hear what they know about them.

BE CONTENT! This will be the hardest one for me...BY FAR!  I don't want to be here. I hate the city. I LOEV LOVE my family and friends that live here and LOVE that we get to do so much together, but on a day to day basis, as a mom, wife, and individual, I'm a country girl.  I feel super out of my element here.  The convinces of movies and restaurants are nice.  Stores, are not.  I take up half of my days driving to a store to get something, whereas in the country I'd get it online...usually cheaper...just have to wait a day or two, which was always fine.  I do love having a Sprouts within 15 minutes.  But I was just so completely content for a few years and got totally  messed up with this move.  But it looks like it might be for a while, so I need to focus on the good and not get so worked up about city things (traffic, crowds, people I don't know...actually being in a know terrorists would go for phoenix before joseph city. ha!)

And there you have it.  my 5 goals for the new year.  I'll be printing these off and putting them in my organizer so i can read them often.


Cathy said...

You are a great mom, wife and friend. :) You can do hard things. This time you have to be in the city will be over sooner then you know and you will get to go back to your roots. Hang in there Kristal.

I love reading your say a lot of things that I feel. :) The only big difference is that I love the city...or I just haven't found the right small town to keep me content.

Cathy said...
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buba's bodacious babe said...

Congrats on your goal setting! You are awesome. I need to sit down and write my goals. Thanks for the motivation. I can't wait to see the steller nursery you are putting together for Stella. I need to be more positive with my kidos too.... it's so easy to focus on the negative and miss out on all the positive. Good luck, and you're super amazing.