Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Blogger

Remember the days when i used to blog most every day?  That was awesome. I got so much detail about events and the kid's lives.  Now, I write pretty vague stories that I would probably remember anyway.  ANOTHER new goal for the year.

So, since I'm lame with pictures right now in life. I'm going to write a little summary of our weekend.

Saturday, got up, hopped in the ole station wagon (did I mention we now drive a volvo station wagon?  we do) and went yard selling.  We purchased a cute little dresser for me to redo for Pearcen, who is moving into the big boy room in a few months.   sad.    And we also purchased the cutest like new bouncy chair for this girl I'm growing.  We had one for the previoius 4, but it was sold in a yard sell of our own.  We also got a afro wig, and 2 bike helmets.

We got home and of coarse went crazy freaking out that we were so late getting ready for Tessa's baptism, but of coarse again, we got there in plenty of time.  Her baptism was so great.  She was so adorable.  I worry with Boston's baptism in a few years that we'll never  have a baptism as amazing as Kam's.  That was the most amazing day of our lives.
After the baptism we helped with the lunch (setting up and eating and taking down) and then I came home and went through the boys closets and totes to make room for pearcey in there while Jase met my mom and sister and nephew at the clinic to get adjusted.

Then came the fun part of the weekend....all the kids came here for the night, bribed with money to keep it clean and keep the younger 2 alive, and all of the Hatch family adults went to the gutts for some Oreganos, and what was supposed to be game playing, but turned into hours of laughing and talking, reminiscing, ping pong playing and  cat entertainment all to celebrate Paula's 50th.  She does NOT seem 50 to me.  I feel like we're all close in age now.  Growing up I always felt I was so much younger than my sisters, but now that we're all just mom's raising kids, I feel like we're all around 30.  Sadly, we're not.
I have to share a quick story that my dad shared last night.  He's always been one to pick up hitch hikers, especially Navajos since we grew up on the navajo reservation.  One night he passed one and felt bad so immediately turned around and picked him up. He took him from Snowflake to Holbrook, and dropped him off just the other side of the tracks by the dinosaur place.  The navajo was obviously drunk.  His head kept falling over onto my dad and dad would just push him back over.  And when they stopped, dad  yelled, "Hausteen, get out....GET OUT" and he didn't, so dad had to go around and pull him out of the truck.  Keep in mind, dad's worked with the navajos his whole life.  We've always had them in our house since his pawn shop was in the 2nd living room.  Anyway, he got out and there were blankets there, but dad still felt bad the next day and went to check on him.  He found him a little further up the road and asked how he was.   The man said, "I'm fine, but I didn't want to come to Holbrook".  bahahaha.

Anyway, we came home to a clean house and everyone was alive  yay!

Today, we slept in, well, until 6.  And went to the Gutt's church since ma n pa were there and Tessa got called up.  It was nice.   I was sad because I missed a great RS lesson in our ward.  I got the same one in Vonda's ward, but my favorite teacher taught in our ward and I'm always inspired after her lessons.  She's a mom of 9 (jealous) and she makes it look easy (jealouser) and to top it off, she works out at 5:30 every morning!  WHAT?!  Yea.  AND, her kids are cute.   Anyway, great lesson, and there are a few ladies that I LOVe from Vonda's ward as well.

Now we're home...Jase and Jaden went home teaching, and now they're watching some alligator show while I'm "supervising" Kamryn make her first batch of chocolate chip cookies.  She's in heaven.  She LOVES to be in the kitchen. Um, and I just tasted the dough, AWESOME!  We now have a new Sunday chocolate chip cookie maker.  YAY  This is one of the days as a mom I've been waiting for for years!!!!!!

Now I'm off to wake up my baby. I love waking him up and cuddling with him for a good 10 or 15 minutes.  He's the best.  I really hope this new one is just as fantastic!

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alison said...

Oh Kristal I love listening to your stories, what an amazing family you have! Oh and holy cow Kam can make her own batches of cookies, that is so cool!